Texas SHRM Global HR Conference | A Human Resource Event

Human Resources is full of opportunities and challenges. It’s an area that is constantly growing, especially in the current world, where everything is more connected. This might make it seem like it’s a little difficult to keep up-to-date with the world’s necessities within this industry.

If you’re a Human Resources worker, you can benefit from attending the next Texas SHRM Global HR Conference where professionals will discuss how to succeed in this industry.

Texas Society for Human Resource Management

The Texas Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has 32 SHRM affiliate chapters with members in Texas. They support human resource workers and the profession itself. Its mission is, “Connecting and supporting SHRM Chapter Leaders to elevate the HR profession through education, advocacy, and leadership development.”

They have many volunteers that help them achieve their goals. Texas SHRM wants to provide a base for Chapter leaders to interact and share their ideas and practices with others. They provide a location where the best Human Resources workers can connect with each other and are a trustful resource for organizations that want to have the best Human Resources practices.

They hold different Human Resources events throughout the year, including the Global HR Conference.

You can become a Texas SHRM sponsor and display your services with them. They offer different sponsorship packages with a variety of benefits and different partnership levels.

There’s even a career center on their website where you can advertise your open HR positions promoted through email and social media.

Keynote Speaker: Walter Bond

Walter Bond is a former NBA player who has become well-known as a motivational speaker. He travels across the country giving different conferences to all kinds of companies; from agriculture to Human Resources, and many more. He aims to inspire and teach something to you and your employees, no matter the industry that you are in.

He serves as a host for book talks, gives mastermind classes, teaches about professional development, and coaches entrepreneurs on how to have a successful company and career.

He is also an author. His latest book is called “Swim“, and it’s defined as a “business development book”. But it puts emphasis on things beyond the classic business worries like facts and figures. Instead, it talks about learning to manage relationships in order to succeed in business.

As a keynote speaker, Walter Bond focuses on improving teamwork by creating a peak-performing team. This way companies will grow and become better. He achieves this by helping them upgrade their communication and collaboration skills.

He presents different topics at his conferences. The one that he’ll present here is his resilience and attitude keynote: “Swim!: How a Shark, a Suckerfish, and a Parasite Teach You Leadership, Mentoring, and Next Level Success”. It is based on his book “Swim!”. It’s a storytelling session where you follow the story of four main characters. From these characters’ experiences, your team will learn how to implement the six principles to have a “shark mindset”.

But he doesn’t only go to a location to speak to your team, he also offers online courses. These are courses for business, personal, team, and speaker development. You have the option to choose the one that goes according to your personal and professional goals.
If you want to complement the conference, check the resources in his free library.

Global HR Conference

The Texas SHRM Global HR Conference will have human resources experts with different specialties. There will be both HR practitioners and consultants. They all will “discuss the risks, the rewards, the challenges and the opportunities for HR in a rapidly changing world”.

This conference is completely focused on global Human Resources good for any kind of Human Resources professional, whether you’re already an expert or new to this industry.

There will be people from 175 companies, so you will gain many different perspectives about everything within this industry.

Apart from Walter Bond, there will be many other speakers:

  • Debi Dault
    Vice President of Human Resources at S&H Systems. In 2001, she helped create the Texas SHRM Global HR Conference.
  • Shanta Eaden
    Founder and CEO at Fractional Enterprise Change Leadership.
  • Dennis Fox
    Global Director, Total Rewards at Dragos.
  • Art Gloria
    Divisional Director, West at SHRM.
  • Stacie Groce
    Vice President, International Development at Global Expansion.
  • Lisa Johnson
    Director of Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Solutions at Cartus.
  • Chuck Kemper
    Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).
  • Holly Kriendler
    Senior Vice President and Chief HR Officer at Oceaneering.
  • Kevin Lennox
    Senior Director of Total Rewards & HR Operations at Shermco Industries.
  • Trae Miller
    Director of Global Mobility at Amentum.
  • Meredith Morris
    Director of Global Business Development at Cartwright Relocation Services.
  • Jason Munoz
    Senior VP Global Accounts at Cielo Talent.
  • Tom Richardson
    Director in Solutions Consulting at Equus Software.
  • Jason Rogers
    Senior Global Immigration Counsel at Newland Chase.
  • Sebastian Skalany
    Vice President of Total Rewards at TechnipFMC.
  • Jennifer Stein
    Managing Director at Global Tax Network.
  • Rebecca Stephens
    Director, Indeed Mobility at Indeed Mobility.
  • Mark Tirpak
    Managing Director at Global Tax Network.
  • Lauren Urreiztieta
    Global Manager at Oceaneering.

There be a variety of topics essential to global Human Resources such as immigration, international tax, DE&I, and more. There will be many activities, including a conference game where you can win prizes, and a happy hour.

They have a big agenda planned. It starts with the continental breakfast and registration, then the welcoming and the opening remarks. After that, will be the keynote speaker session with Walter Bond.

The agenda also includes different discussions, so you can choose to attend your favorite one: “How We Moved People When the World Shut Down – Immigration Best Practices”, “Using Analytics to Tell Your HR Story”, or “What are Successful Global Companies doing to Create DE+I Strategies that are Inclusive of Cultural Differences?”.

They will also have other educational sessions, like the “View From the Top – The Ever-Evolving Role of HR” conversation.

Later in the day, there will be more discussions for you to choose from; “Digital Nomads and Remote Workers – Corporate Risks and How to Manage the Remote Work Approval Process” discussion, “How to Have Challenging Conversations about the DEI Agenda” session, “So You Expanded Your Benefits Program Globally, Now What?” conversation, or the “SHRM Global – J-1 Visas” presentation.

Choose another discussion! It can be the “Global Recruitment Challenges – Life After the Great Re-Evaluation“, the “A Case Study for Costa Rica: How to Hire Quickly and Compliantly”, or the “Leveraging Technology to Support the Workforce Evolution”.

Throughout the day there will be breaks so you to visit sponsors and play the passport game. Find more details about the agenda and meetings.

You can be a sponsor! If you do, you will have an exhibit space that you can organize as you want to interact with people. You’ll also get entries into the conference. The brand of your company will be on the cards that the attendees will receive when they play the Global HR Conference Game and you’ll also appear on the conference app. Of course, your brand will be mentioned on the Texas SHRM Global Conference website. These are just some of the benefits among many more. There are different sponsorship packages. Choose the best one for you.

Conference Date & Location

September 14th, 2022
7:30 am – 7:00 pm
Norris Conference Center 816
Town & Country Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77024

Be sure to download their app to see the agenda, attendee profiles, and more.

You can register now. If you’re a SHRM member it will only cost you $375. Non-members pay $425 to register. If you’re a student, the cost is $125.

Language Learning Helps You Improve in Global Human Resources

Another way to prepare yourself to work in a global human resources position is to learn another language. This will allow you to communicate better with international clients so they feel understood. This will lead you to build strong relationships with clients and help you be more successful in your work.

If you want your employees to have the power of languages, you can help them by giving them language classes. If your workers can communicate in a second or even a third language, they’ll help your company grow and reach international markets. Fluency Corp is dedicated to teaching corporate language classes and helping you achieve this goal. Our lessons are customized to fit the job and your needs.

With our tried and true Bellieu Method, we make students communicate in the target language, so they can become truly fluent. With this, we ensure that employees will know how to answer and react in real situations. After all, Human Resources need employees with great communication skills.

We’d love to talk with you more about how language training can your company thrive in an international environment. We welcome questions from HR professionals who are seeking language training for their company’s workforce. Set up a free consultation with Fluency Corp by contacting us at getfluent@fluencycorp.com or (800) 401-3159.