Wellness and Mental Health in Relocation Conference

Working in a company can lead you to many different opportunities, including relocation. How fun it is to move abroad for work! You can meet other people, places, and experience other cultures. But let’s be honest, it can also be stressful, especially in the beginning. You don’t know anyone, you may have a new boss and another workplace. And if it’s a brand-new country, you might not be very fluent in the language.

But there are solutions to make your or your employee’s relocation process easier and less stressful. The Corporate Relocation Council of Chicago (CRC) has partnered with Wisconsin Employee Relocation Council (WiERC) to offer a conference on Wellness and Mental Health in Relocation.

Chicago Relocation Council and Wisconsin Employee Relocation Council

The Corporate Relocation Council of Chicago is a company dedicated to bringing attention to relocation issues within the corporate world. They always invite many professionals to have a discussion during these lunches, so they all can learn together. Their mission is: “Educating and empowering today’s Global Mobility Professional for optimal achievement”. And are a dedicated group and actively encourage learning about corporate mobility matters for their members.

They’ve been working with the Wisconsin Employee Relocation Council since the late 90s. This is another corporate relocation company that creates educational seminars about this topic. Some of their goals are to provide a place where they can discuss everything about relocation, and “to promote professional standards in the relocation industry”.

The Speaker: Eliz Greene

Eliz Greene is the keynote speaker of this conference. As an emcee, she usually holds conferences for different companies about health and how to deal with stress. She uses humor, case studies, activities, and her own stress research to engage and teach the audience. Some of her programs are: coping with uncertainty, stress-proof your team, leadership and stress management in crisis and change, and more.

She is aware of the toll that stress can have on people’s lives and health. That’s why she wants to help through her conventions.

All of this started two decades ago because she suffered a heart attack while seven months pregnant. She had to have surgery. As a survivor of that, she wants to help people to deal properly with stress and uncertainty, so it doesn’t affect their health and lives. Her discourse also helps companies, because if their employees know how to deal with these feelings, they’ll work more effectively. If they don’t know how to do that, they won’t be able to work properly. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Eliz Greene has also been a spokesperson for health campaigns, like the “Go Red for Women” from the American Heart Association.

She’s also the co-founder of the Conference Talk Show, along with her partner Thom Singer. They’re both emcees that go to events and do television-style performances. And because not all events can be face-to-face, they also have a virtual talk show. There, they discuss everything about the meetings industry and interview professionals.

Her success and hard work got her the Heart Hero Award in 2010, as well as being named a Top Online Influencer on Stress and Heart Health.

Apart from being a public speaker, she’s also an author and blogger. In her blog, she writes about health and wellness. Her books are about handling stress and improving the health of your heart. Both topics are related, as stress can affect your heart. Her most recent book is titled, “Stress-Proof Your Life”.

In her books, she gives advice and techniques for stress relief. You can get a copy for $12 once you register for the CRC and WiERC “Wellness and Mental Health in Relocation” conference. It might be complementary for the event. As a boss or employee, the more you know about this topic, the better.

As you can see, Eliz Greene has years of experience, personally and professionally, that back up her work.

Wellness and Mental Health in Relocation Conference

This event will be held in the Winthrop Harbor Yacht Club, on Thursday, September 8th, 2022, from 9 am – 4 pm. The address is 1 Yacht Club Drive, Winthrop Harbor, IL 60096.

Before the conference, there will be a Wednesday night reception on September 7th, 2022, from 6 pm – 8 pm,  held on the rooftop of The Stella Hotel & Ballroom. It is located at 5706 8th Ave, Kenosha, WI 51340.

The conference will have a keynote session part. There, you’ll learn about how to deal with stress, so it doesn’t give people anxiety and affect the employees’ work. It will be focused on the relocation and mobility industry, because it’s a career with a lot of pressure. The speaker Eliz Greene will show you different techniques to cope with stress.

During this session, you all will learn about what causes so much stress in the relocation business. You’ll also learn how to provide security to allow people to “combat uncertainty”. Like CCR says on their website, you’ll, “Rewire assumptions about generations and gender to improve teamwork, communication, management, and performance”. All of these are just some of the topics that you’ll explore at the conference.

There will also be a panel with corporate and supplier guests. They’ll discuss examples from the relocation and mobility industry and be moderated by Eliz Greene. If you want to be a part of this conference, they are looking for participants. You just have to send an email to matthew.tobel@huntington.com for more information.

Since it lasts many hours, there’s an agenda with different activities. There will be a welcoming and a morning walk by the lake, acai bowl snacks, the keynote session, the panel, and some sponsored activities. Don’t worry, there will also be breaks and lunch!

If you want to be a sponsor, there are different sponsorship packages. You can choose to sponsor the night reception appetizers, the massages for the participants, the acai bowls, and more. This way, people will get to know your brand.

Registration is open now.

Show that You Care for Your Employees

Learning about these topics is caring about your and your team’s mental health and work efficiency. Human Resources definitely use these conferences to improve the workplace. If you choose to go and recommend your employees to go as well, you might learn something new from the conference.

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