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Fluency Corp’s Bellieu Method of teaching is powerful! See the results for yourself from our video and written testimonials from actual clients sharing their success stories.

She has Improved Tremendously

She has improved tremendously. She is more sure of herself, so she talks English much better. We got compliments from clients that her English is almost perfect.

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PIR Group Shnezi

Fluency Corp Coach Improved Jana’s Communication

Jana is like many of our clients. People are surprised that she is taking English classes with such a high level of English. She doesn’t even remember learning English; it’s just a part of her life. But she wanted to improve communication even further. Listen to her story about how coaching helped.

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Marilyn has Made Learning English Enjoyable

Martin works with Zurich and he and his family relocated from Argentina to Canada. Martin’s daughter initially struggled with the move from family and friends and had little interest in learning English. However, the unique approach taken by Fluency Corp – specifically teacher Marilyn – has made learning English enjoyable and she had made remarkable progress.

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Carla was Great, She was Patient and We Became Friends

Victor with Middlesex Bank wanted to improve his writing. Fluency Corp Coach Carla ensured that he wrote more succinctly, using conjunctions, and gave him real life exercises to improve his professional writing. Middlesex Bank provides this language learning program for accent and pronunciation, improving professional writing, and overall fluency for business.

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Carla was the First Teacher that Corrected Me

Maria is an accountant at Ferrovial. She tells us that Carla is by far the best teacher she has ever had and the only teacher that has corrected her. Since she has been working on her pronunciation with Carla, she has noticed a difference; finding that people understand her better. She describes Carla as being very patient with her, especially when she is tired. When asked by Micah, she says that wouldn’t change anything about her lessons.

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More Fluency Corp Testimonials

There are so many different ways to learn a language and Fluency Corp’s teachers know them all! See how we help have helped client’s achieve language fluency.

I love the classes. Kobayashi sensei has been great in terms of the content we work on together and the advice he has given me in preparing for a presentation.


Japanese Private Lessons

I feel more comfortable having conversations with my colleagues and clients in Japanese now. And that was my goal. This has brought us closer together and connected us as a team more, and our clients are super impressed we’re trying.


Japanese Language & Assimilation Training Client

The instructor exceeded my expectations – even set up a plan for me to go shopping successfully in my local area!
(Moved from Angola to Houston – taking English fluency and assimilation.)

Sofia A.

Vallourec (relocated expat spouse)

I just wanted to tell you that Carla is an amazing teacher and I am learning a lot.


Vallourec (relocated expat spouse)

Your language program helped a lot of people do better. The Fluency Corp English classes created a huge impact on how our employees developed their careers in the US. They get more involved after taking the lessons. I was actually surprised at that. I thought Fluency Corp was going to be able to improve those who already spoke English at an intermediate level, but I saw more impact with those who were not great at language. Your lessons got them to a level where they could really communicate.

Alvaro Gomez-Muro

Former CEO, NTI - (Ferrovial, Spanish company in the US)

This course was very positive to improve my English and also to improve my confidence to speak in English … I definitely can recommend Fluency Corp English program.

Luciane Rangel Gomes

Essilor USA

Lynn (Fluency Corp instructor & assimilator) is so sweet and easy to work with.
The kids feel the same.

Accompanying Spouse + 2 children age 8 & 11


Classes are very very interesting. Carl is the best English teacher in my life. Thank you for choosing me a nice teacher.

Mits Ichikawa


I’ve seen a huge difference in his confidence when speaking in meetings.

7-11 Corporation

I DO think (she) is improving. I can tell a difference in her confidence level and she is taking the initiative in speaking at meetings.

Katy Abraham

President, Construction Cost Management

I definitely feel more confident. I love that the teacher corrects my errors. I love improving and knowing how to say it correctly.



The instructor is so awesome, she has lots of props, and really loves to teach, and motivates me to learn, read and write Spanish! Thanks for working with me to learn Spanish, I am very happy with Fluency Corp!!!!

Tracy Robles

Safety Director, Webber Commercial Construction, LLC

Your [presentation at the Houston HR Conference] this week made me think differently about my approach with the Australia team and caused a breakthrough.

Barbara Gittens

Global HR Tehcnology Manager, KBR

The most difficult aspect of learning a new language for adults is fear of making an embarrassing mistake. Micah and other teachers at Fluency Corp have created a supportive and comfortable environment where I am able to utilize my newly acquired vocabulary words and grammar into simple conversations, which is exactly my goal. The consistent progress I experience after each lesson is a big motivating factor that propels me forward.

Christina W.

Business Owner

The lesson was prompt and the instructor (Alice) was excellent. She took her time and the interactive nature of the session made it enjoyable. Take a chance with Fluency Corp and you will be glad you did. Gracias!


My Fluency Corp instructor is an excellent Spanish teacher! She is always prepared and uses a variety of resources to make it fun. She is also very patient and encouraging! I highly recommend Fluency Corp!



From the beginning, my Fluency Corp instructor proved to be exceptional! She was the only teacher who took the time to answer my long list of questions. She was clear and honest. Classes are planned according to your specific needs. She makes you want to learn more, motivates you and guides you in the best possible way. She also has a lot of patience and knows how to explain the lessons properly. Her teaching techniques have been very useful to improve my English pronunciation and I enjoy doing homework (cause it’s fun and doesn’t seem like homework at all). I highly highly recommend her!

Karla Fernandez


Great lesson, it was an ‘ear opening’ experience.
I had a great teacher, I already learned to pronounce correctly words that I couldn’t for decades!


PhD Candidate

Fluency Corp’s instructor an amazing Spanish teacher. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to learn Spanish. The instructor was punctual, patient, and kind, understanding the learning process of a non-native speaker. If you are debating whether or not to call Fluency Corp or another organization, use Fluency Corp first. I promise you will be very happy with your results.

Alecia & Richard Bartel

Former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback and His Sweet Wife

Being French, I cannot give a 10, because nothing is a 10, but I give them a 9. The lessons are always so relevant to my job and there is always a plan.

Citellum employee

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