Client Case Studies

We have been helping corporations across the world navigate language and cultural barriers for many years. See the challenges faced by the companies below and how Fluency Corp helped them overcome their challenges, enabling them to thrive in an international environment.

How Zurich Insurance Group Avoided a Six-Figure Problem with Fluency Corp

When a business has an outstanding employee, they are often given the opportunity to relocate…

LaLa Foods in Mexico Reduced Turnover by 50% with Cultural & Language Training

Lala Foods transferred an entire service department to Mexico. That transition, however, wasn’t nearly as smooth…

How Middlesex Bank Eliminated Redundancy and Slowed Customer Attrition with Fluency Corp

Middlesex Bank suffered from two big problems. Their customers were leaving at an alarming rate, and high-potential…

English Language Training for Multinational Company, Ferrovial

English Language Training for Ferrovial: A Multinational, Multilingual Workforce

As a provider of Business English Courses and Business Spanish Courses, we see firsthand how companies thrive when employees enhance their language skills…

Case Study | American Airlines Executive Learn Spanish

Spanish Language Training for American Airlines Executives

In today’s global business environment, executives often need to connect with employees who speak different languages…

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