FAQ’s About Corporate Language Training

  • How long is each lesson?

    Lessons on Skype are typically 1 hour. Lessons in person are 1-2 hours.

  • What will my employees learn in the class?

    Exactly what they need in order to be successful at their job. This depends entirely on the employees’ needs. We discuss with the employee and management to pinpoint the exact needs. These needs could include accent and pronunciation, presentation prep, overall fluency and clarity of expressing ideas, learning jargon, incorporating and understanding more phrasal verbs/idioms, deciphering slang, proper usage of job-specific technical terms, understanding everyday phrases, culture, meeting preparation, confidence-building, email clarity and much more.

  • How many times per week do lessons take place?

    This depends on how quickly you want to see results. You can do intensive training of 4+ hours per week, but most employees feel that 2 hours per week is realistic and gives steady progress.

  • What if my employee is very fluent, but his/her accent is difficult to understand?

    We recommend American Accent Training. We have a superb course that focuses only on what your employee has challenges with, so that every minute in class is spent on his/her communication needs.

  • What platform do you use for online language training?

    We meet conveniently on Skype or Zoom.

  • Do you have progress meetings? How do I know what’s going on in the lessons?

    YES! This is the core of Fluency Corp. We must always be checking in, meet with you quarterly and always be ensuring that the class is relevant and satisfactory to the learner. We meet with not only the management for feedback, but also the employees the learner works with (if needed) and also the learner. We take great care in 100% uber satisfaction with fluency and communication progress.

  • How do you test progress?

    We have testing that will give us a CEFR level. This is the universal scale for English levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. B2 is professional proficiency, and C1 and above are native-like. Everyone should be at C1 or above to be able to work easily in an English-only (or other language) speaking environment.

  • How will we be billed?

    You will be billed monthly. But we can also work with you and your billing needs.

  • Do we have to sign a contract?

    Yes. In order to ensure progress, we need your commitment to the classes. One cannot become Mozart in 10 hours, and neither can we quickly improve our language skills. It is a slow process that we try to speed up as quickly as possible by making the classes always as relevant as possible – that’s why everything is customized and can be applied right away.

Here’s What You Can Expect During Our Language Training Program:

  • Your employee chooses his or her preferred schedule.
  • During the first session, we get to know the exact needs of that employee – intensely.
  • Fluency Corp Project Manager checks in with employee to ensure 100% satisfaction with instructor – we have a Perfect Fit Guarantee – always. The Project Manager continues to check in monthly throughout the contract.
  • Then, the Fluency Corp Instructor and our Executive Staff Teachers, work together to create a curated package of materials specifically for the communication and job needs of your employee. Materials ordered, if needed.
  • We create 3-month goals for each employee to work towards – all goals that will bring instant ROI. We send these goals to management, in order for management to make additions, if needed.
  • During each class, we work toward those goals, making any changes necessary along the way – as goals can change as job roles or job assignments change. Each lesson must be relevant for the communication needs each week.
  • At 3 months, we create customized progress reports for each employee so that management can see what progress has been made in class (although management often notices increased clarity when communicating within 10 hours of lessons starting).
  • Fluency Corp Project Manager sets up a Feedback Meeting with your employee and another Feedback Meeting with the manager who works with that employee, in order to discuss progress and the next 3-month goals.
  • Goals are set and reported every 3 months.

How Does Fluency Corp’s Language Training Program Work?

If you’ve decided to sign up for a language training program, what exactly can you expect for your employees? Everything about our on-site and online language training program is customized. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to language training if you want to develop fluency and skills specific to the job and industry. What will improve your employee’s ability to function at 100% while at work? We utilize the employee’s upcoming meetings, emails, conference call topics, memos, and workplace common vocabulary in order to be as effective as possible and see immediate growth throughout even the first week in lessons.

We supplement with various books, TV, radio and other MODERN materials that the employee can work with at home, all depending on the needs and interests of the client.

We recommend a minimum of 26 hours of lessons, but see the most results when at least 52+ hours are taken. If you were to take 2 hours a week, that would be 6 months of classes. 90% of our clients take at least 100-200 hours of lessons to get to a native level of speaking, as most start at B2 level (upper intermediate). These 100-200 hours allow employees to polish accent, writing, and clarity of expressing ideas: this is the C1+ level, which allows a high level of confidence communicating at work.

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