On-Site Workplace Language Training

How On-Site Workplace Language Training Works

You have lots of options for helping your employees learn a new language. But through our work with a variety of companies, we’ve seen over and over again that one method gets the best results: on-site workplace language training (equally effective – live online). As long as it’s a real person, it’s effective!

Faster Fluency Through On-Site Language Instruction

Why is it so important to offer on-site training instead of just buying language instruction software for your employees? Employees gain fluency faster with in-person language classes at your business. There’s just no comparison between learning from an experienced on-site instructor vs. learning from software. Here’s why:

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We’re Wired to Learn Language from Other People

Think about how you acquired your first language. You heard native speakers talking to each other. All. The. Time. They talked to you, too, and encouraged you to talk back to them. The desire to connect motivates us to learn to communicate. Experiences make us remember when to use certain grammar and vocabulary.

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Instruction is Customized

Cookie-cutter language training will take your employees only so far. But when you offer on-site workplace language training, the instructor can tailor lessons to your needs. Relevancy is our FIRST NAME. For example, classes focus on the vocabulary and phrases your employees need to do their jobs. They won’t waste time on irrelevant topics.

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There’s More Accountability

We all make more progress toward a goal when there’s someone else who knows our goals and cares about our progress. An instructor who regularly visits your workplace for on-site training plays that role for your language learners.

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Your Instructor is a Role Model

It’s easier to learn a language when you can actually watch a native speaker’s mouth form the sounds that are unfamiliar to you. And then you can ask questions!

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Employees Get More Conversational Practice

True fluency isn’t about how many words you’ve memorized or whether you understand a recorded lesson. It’s about being able to talk with ease with native speakers. On-site language classes start giving your employees this experience immediately.

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Cultural Learning Happens, Too

Mastering a new language doesn’t just involve learning words and phrases. It also requires cultural learning. On-site workplace language training can teach you the etiquette, rules and customs they need to do business in a second language and even to live in an unfamiliar culture.

Benefits of On-Site Workplace Language Training

Offering language training at your workplace is a win-win for your company and your employees.

At Fluency Corp, we’ve seen our client companies unlock employees’ potential with language classes. Research has also shown the business value of corporate language training:

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For Companies

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For Employees

  • Language training helps employees feel more confident.
  • Multilingual employees become better collaborators.
  • Language training improves employee engagement and morale.
  • Speaking more than one language helps employees be more creative and innovative.

Begin On-Site Language Training for Your Team

On-site workplace language training is an investment that pays off many times over both your company and your workforce. Contact us for a free consultation call to learn more about how Fluency can bring experienced, native speaker instructors to your employees.

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