Enhance Your Business’ Success With Customized Language Training


Enhance Your Business’ Success With Customized Language Training

Fluency Corp

Would improved English and accent improve communication at your multilingual workplace? How about if your employees learned Spanish to reach a new market?

Based out of Dallas, Texas, Fluency Corp provides customized corporate language training to global companies all over the world – any language. You get to choose the schedule that works best for your team. You have the option of onsite language tutoring or conveniently online: always a live, native teacher. All programs customized for the specific job or need and no two courses are the same. Build your employees’ confidence in their second language and watch their potential reveal itself, impacting not only their lives, but your company’s collaboration as well.

What Makes Fluency Corp Different?

We provide a customized learning environment with fresh and relevant materials. Our experienced instructors have flexible schedules to fit your timeline. We are your onsite, personalized, supportive approach to language training in a corporation.

Are You Looking for Online Individual Language Classes?

Fluency Corp - Quarterly Progress Reports on Language Progress
Progress Reports

Fluency Corp provides quarterly progress reports to corporate clients

Fluency Corp - Measurable Results
Proven Results

Students have measurable results with 2hrs per week of one-on-one coaching.

Fluency Corp - Increase Productivity with Language Skills Improvement
Increased Productivity

When employees can effectively and clearly share ideas, everyone saves time and money.


Fluency Corp - Immediate ROI with Language Skills Improvement
Immediate ROI

Managers report noticeable language skills improvement within 10 hours of coaching/training.

Fluency Corp - Increasing the Efficiency of Your Employees

Fluency Corp students report more confidence in their work performance and feel they are more effective communicators


Fluency Corp - Increasing the Value of Your EmployeesValue

An employee who can communicate effectively is more productive, confident and valuable to the organization

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Best of 2018 - Best of 2018 –

Our Happy & Fluent Customers

The foundation of Fluency Corp’s approach to education is customization and enjoyment of the experience. Micah and the Fluency Corp’s team take personal involvement in finding out every student’s needs in an individualized manner through interviews and case-by-case study, works with the teacher in planning how to address those needs and regularly follows up to track progress. They also make sure that the learning process includes methods and experiences enjoyable for the student, maximizing the involvement and commitment.

Alvaro Gomez-Muro

Managing Director of the Southeast, Ferrovial Agroman

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