Fluency Corp’s Bellieu Method for results-driven
language instruction helps you achieve language
proficiency and cultural understanding in the workplace.

More Than Language Training

The Bellieu Method, Fluency Corp’s proprietary training methodology, was created to enable students to gain language proficiency by communicating immediately using the information learned, which lends itself to internalizing the information right away and being asked to produce it to ensure that learned information can be used effectively to convey desired ideas. Reviewing of past material at the beginning of each lesson makes sure that new material is being retained and put in long term memory.

Traditional methods of learning a language focus on writing and reading. While important, practice speaking in real-world situations is the crucial component to effective communication and clarity of expressing ideas. Only through speaking do we truly internalize the nuances and gain language proficiency, confidence, and clarity when expressing ideas orally.

Quarterly testing emphasizes our focus on getting results and seeing participants progress through the levels. Reports allow you to keep track of where the student started and their current level/progress. During a class the participant will encounter scenarios from real life, whether it’s at the office, making friends, going to school or very specific events/work fields. We even tailor lessons to discuss specific challenges/topics at your job or field of work. Relevant coursework to your specific needs is essential to getting the most out of a language course.

Achieve Language Proficiency

In order to successfully gain language proficiency, it all begins with a highly effective instructor. Focus during the lesson is on the student to produce the language, while the instructor coaches, gives feedback and explanations, being a cheerleader for their progress. Participants do not hear lectures, but rather are encouraged to practice the language as much as possible in lessons, allowing them to learn in a comfortable setting with structured goals.

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