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Illustrated infographic with Milan skyline. Milan is a thriving global city with strong business & tourism industries. Did you know that 20% of Milan's population was expats?
Milan is more than Fashion Week and Ferrari

Milan is very well known for its fashion and style environment, always at the edge of what happens in the industry. And with good reason, not for nothing it is one the fashion capitals of the world! But it’s not just that they have great style, and they host some of the greatest fashion events. It’s also that this recognition of Milan’s importance for the fashion industry also brings economic growth. Just for the Milan Fashion Week many people have to be hired for different roles, and many services, like hotels, are bought. On top of that, consider the people, from models to tourists, that come to witness the show and maybe then go to do tourism around the city. Basically, fashion in Milan gives the opportunity of employment to many, even if temporary, and it gives Milan’s finances a boost.

But of course, that’s not the only industry that impacts the economy, ignites curiosity in foreign people and contributes to the globalization of Milan. The automotive sector is also very important and popular. Just think of Ferrari, which has not only been a huge success in Italy, but all over the world as well.

Other successful Italian companies around the globe with good market capitalization are Enel, Intesa Sanpaolo, Prada, Moncler, and more. But Italian’s businesses are not the only ones that contribute to internationalization and the growth of the economy. Some huge international companies have bet on Milan as one of the best places to set headquarters. Some of these are Amazon, Huawei, Apple, Coca-Cola, Facebook, ATOS, Google, and Microsoft, among others.

With all of that, we can’t be surprised that some people call Milan an alpha global city. Businesses (international and national) and tourism truly make an international treasure out of this city. But even now, that’s not everything that grants it that title. We can’t forget about foreign residents, who make up 20% of its population.

Now you see why corporate second language skills are important to live and work here? It’s an incredible city to expand your business. So, if you’re planning on doing that or you already have a company there, we hope you consider Fluency Corp language classes for your employees. Especially if they’re expats. We have the best second language training to target your needs, with which you’ll eventually bloom in this important city.

Onsite Language Training in Milan

Learning a new language it’s extremely important to thrive in such a cosmopolitan city like Milan and a world that keeps on becoming more globalized. But people might feel like it takes too much time away from their everyday lives. Especially because of having to move from one place to another just to arrive on time to class. Let’s be honest, sometimes driving it’s what annoys us the most, because of time, traffic or just likeability.

But that’s not a problem for Fluency Corp. We offer onsite, but also completely online language classes. So if you really want to learn a new language, we can make it happen without you having to move from where you are.

Really, you just have to pick a language. We have English lessons, which is a great option, because it’s a popular language many people around the world understand. And many businesses use it with their foreign employees. But maybe you want Italian classes for those expat employees in your company that need it. This could be beneficial for their work life and their personal life as they adapt to Milan. Or maybe you think another language, like Spanish, could serve their job. That’s good too.

We have different language lessons. Choose the one that’s better for the work, the company and your employees’ needs.

Whatever you choose, the method is the same. We customize every lesson to the job and the student’s needs. So if you tell us that you want accent training classes for one of your employees, we’re glad to help. Or if you need to learn some grammar in your second language, we’re your best guide.

Something that never misses in our classes is speaking practice. There’s always a live, native instructor ready to teach students anything they need and encourage them to speak in their target language. This is the best way they’ll practice what they’ve learned, so they can use it later in a real-life situation.

We’re really committed to our language classes. That also means we’re committed to making students understand the importance of culture for the language they’re learning. That’s why it’s also great that our teachers are native, because they can show you and your employees the characteristics of your target language’s culture.

Oh, and we know you may have many expats and let’s be honest, they usually move with their families. So we also have language classes for adults and for kids. Imagine giving the whole family the benefit of Italian lessons, so they can adapt to Milan as soon as possible. With Fluency Corp your business will grow while your employees enjoy their language lessons.

English Language Training Makes a Difference

At Fluency Corp, we love using our founder’s Bellieu Method to help Milan companies with international workforces thrive in a global economy. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about language training and assimilation in Milan.

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