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In today’s global economy, Seattle is thriving.

Seattle is the largest city in Washington state and in the Pacific Northwest. It has a population population of around 745,000. That’s an increase of almost 22% over 2010.

The Seattle metro area includes neighboring cities such as Tacoma and Bellevue. The population of the Seattle metro area is more than 3.9 million people.

Seattle has one of the strongest economies in the U.S. That’s due in part to top global companies that have a major presence in the region.

The best-known employer in the Seattle area is Amazon, which has its headquarters in the city. But even before Amazon hit the scene, Seattle was known as the home of Microsoft. The tech giant has its headquarters in Redmond, Washington, about 15 miles east of Seattle.

Amazon and Microsoft aren’t the only major players in the Seattle area economy. Boeing is another one of the region’s top employers. And Alaska Airlines has its headquarters in Seattle. So the region is definitely an aerospace hub.

Besides air transportation, Seattle is known as a major port city. That means it is also a hotspot for trade. Seattle is the #3 export market in the U.S. The city is also one of China’s top U.S. trading partners. Almost 140,000 jobs in Seattle are tied directly to exports.

With its deep ties to the global economy, Seattle also has an increasingly international population. In King County, Washington, which contains Seattle, almost half of new residents since 2010 were born in another country. The only two U.S. counties with a bigger increase in foreign-born residents are Dade County (Miami) in Florida and Harris County (Houston) in Texas.

King County has a total of 516,000 foreign-born residents. According to the Seattle Times, six of the top 10 countries of origin for King County’s foreign-born population are in Asia:

  • India #1
  • China #2
  • Vietnam #4
  • Philippines #5
  • Korea #6
  • Taiwan #10

The other top countries are #3 Mexico, #7 Canada, #8 Ukraine and #9 Ethiopia.

The presence of the University of Washington, another top employer in Seattle, adds to the city’s global flavor. The university’s 8,000 international students hail from more than 100 countries.

Onsite English Language Training in Seattle

All of these factors mean that the Seattle metro area has a growing need for language training. And that’s where Fluency Corp comes in.

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Working with our instructors also helps guide your expat employees through the process of moving to Seattle. Our instructors answer questions and give advice about the area – from its natural wonders to its myriad events, from Seattle real estate to local schools.

If you’re sending employees from Seattle on overseas assignments, we can also help you with onsite or online lessons in other languages as well. Japanese lessons and Spanish lessons are two of the top requests in Seattle.

Ready for an easy solution to your language training needs in the Seattle area? Let’s set up a time to talk.

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