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The third most-populous city in the United States, Chicago is home to more than 2.5 million people. When you consider the full Chicago metro area, though, that number grows to 9.5 million.

About one-fifth of the city’s residents are immigrants. Most Chicago residents who were born in another country are from Mexico (44.5%). Some 6.4% are from China, and 5.8% are from Poland. But those are far from the only international communities represented in the city. Many U.S-born Chicago residents proudly claim heritage from a variety of other countries around the globe, including Germany, Italy, Greece, Guatemala, Syria, Iran, Lithuania, and Sweden.

Chicago’s economy also has an international flavor. That’s partly due to the presence of the Chicago Board of Trade, the world’s largest derivatives market. And then there are the many global companies that either have their headquarters in Chicago or a strong presence there. Fortune 500 companies in the Chicago area include Walgreens Boots Alliance, Boeing, Archer Daniels Midland, McDonald’s and Allstate.

With the city’s global population and a reputation as an international business center, there’s a great need for corporate language training in Chicago. Fluency Corp fills that need with customized and practical language training and accent reduction programs.

Onsite English Language Training in Chicago

In a geographically large metro area with notoriously bad traffic, going offsite for English language classes wastes your employees’ time and stresses them out. That’s why Fluency Corp offers both onsite and online language instruction in the Chicago area – always with a live instructor.

With either option, your employees will work with a live, in-person instructor. That’s the most effective way to learn, or improve/polish, any language. Working with a live instructor gives your employees invaluable conversational practice in their new language, instant corrections and vocabulary building and also improved accents and clarity when communicating.

Fluency Corp language lessons are also highly cost efficient because they’re tailored to the specific needs of your employees. Instructors customize classes to quickly get your employees up to speed on the specific words and phrases they need for their jobs.

Through Fluency Corp language training, employees become more comfortable, confident and productive using their second language for business. They collaborate more smoothly, avoid miscommunications and contribute to their full potential, not to mention productivity increases as well.

And if you’re relocating employees to the Chicago area, the benefits of working with Fluency Corp go far beyond language training. Our language instructors also help your international employees feel at home faster in Chicago. They answer questions, give advice and explain Chicago’s rich local culture. That kind of support eases the stress of this major life transition for your employees. And that, in turn, helps your company avoid costly failed international relocations.

English Language Training Makes a Difference

Fluency Corp is proud to help Chicago companies with international workforces thrive in a global economy. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about language training in Chicago. Spanish and other languages also available.
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