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Where Is Fluency Corp Speaking This Year?

It’s no secret our team is passionate about breaking down language barriers so global companies can excel at business. We are so eager to share our knowledge in fact, that we speak at HR events, Training and Development conferences, Leadership conferences, Global Mobility and International Relocation Conferences, and more.

We want to educate the world on why language training can retain talent, lessen international relocation failures, increase collaboration across languages, and bring productivity and efficiency to 100%, even when working in a multilingual workplace. In essence, we want to train your staff to completely transform global communication at the workplace.

Want Micah to Educate your Multilingual Teams?

Mile High SHRM
February 3, 2023

– Denver, CO –
English Class for English Speakers – Learn to Speak English in a Way that Your Entire Global Team Understands

February 8, 2023

– San Antonio, TX –
San Antonio Regional Relocation Council’s February Meeting

California HR Conference

Effective Communication Tips for a Global Multilingual Workforce

Events in Years Past


Gulf Coast Symposium
July 27, 2022

– Houston, TX –
Do you Speak Globish? Improving Communication at Multilingual Workplaces.

Houston HR
October 13, 2022

– Houston, TX –
HR Keynote Speaker for General Member Lunch.

Alchemizing HR Webinar
November, 2022

I discuss communication solutions to the language challenges of the expatriation of an employee going on an overseas assignment (very specifically, how employees around the expat can foster an open communication environment and allow the expat to give feedback and speak up, even though it is challenging at first, language training suggestions, and overall best communication practices when working with non native speakers, in order to get the most out of their talent and ensuring they feel included).

SHRM Annual conference
June 29, 2020

– San Diego, CA –
Global HR Track

Gulf Coast Symposium on HR Issues
May 14, 2020

– Houston, TX –
Do you speak Globish? Clear Communication at a Multilingual Workplace is Critical

Houston HR Conference
January 16, 2020

Speaking English from a Bilingual Perspective: Improve your Communication Skills

PIHRA California HR Conference
August 31, 2020

– Long Beach, CA –
Multilingual Workplace Communication got you Baffled?

Richardson Chamber of Commerce
February 20, 2020

Improved Communication at the Workplace: a Bilingual Perspective

San Antonio HR Conference 
March 2019

Presentation: Empathy and Successful Communication with Global Workforces and 2nd Language Employees

German Chamber of Commerce – Dallas
April 2019

Presentation: Internal Marketing – Effect of a Lingua Franca on Global Companies and How to Support 2nd Language Employees

Texas SHRM Student Conference
April 2019

Presentation: Do you Speak Globish at your Multilingual Workplace? Even if English is your first language, learn how to speak it in a way that is easier for your 2nd language employees

California SHRM Conference
August 2019

Presentation: Successful Communication with Multilingual Workforces – How to Speak Your Native Language in a Way that’s Easier to Understand for Non-Native Speakers to Understand

San Antonio Leadership Conference
June 2019

Fluency Corp sat down with our future leaders in HR to discuss how to communicate better across cultures, across 2nd languages at work and across time zones. SASS Training used to effectively help English speakers understand how it feels working in your second language.

HR Southwest
October 2019

Fluency Corp goes to sister city Fort Worth to discuss how to simply enact SASS at your multilingual workplace. SASS stands for Slow it down, Ask for input, Simply and Support. And it’s all free.

Houston Global HR Conference
September 2019

Micah and her team put together a SASS workshop on how to approach awkward communications at multilingual workplaces. How do you get to understanding if you truly do not understand each other? What are best practices at multilingual workplaces?

California HR Conference
August 2019

In sunny Long Beach, Fluency Corp had a SASS training workshop, focusing on California’s multilingual workplaces: what challenges are they having, and how can we improve communication through all departments at an organization that speaks a multitude of languages?

HR Houston Conference 
May 2018

Presentation: Empathy and Communication Across Countries, Languages, and Cultures

ATD Dallas & ATD Fort Worth
April 2018

California SHRM Conference 
August 2017

Presentation: Improved Communication with Multilingual Workforces

Global Chamber of Commerce – Dallas
October 2016

Presentation: Experiences of Relocation and How to Ensure Success

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