When your multilingual team needs communication coaching
and a better way to speak to each other effectively.


Do you have offices in two countries operating in two different languages yet having weekly meetings in English?

Do some of the people in one country speak English, but not all, and none of the people in the other country speak the language of the other office?

Is your remote team globally located, all working in their second language? Does everyone feel similarly about these hard-to-understand conference calls that seem to lack a lot in terms of good communication?

Or is your entire local team from five or more countries, most working in their second language?

Multilingual teams are a huge advantage. They can drum up business in various countries, they can connect with people in other countries, they bring a diverse thought process and a slew of different ideas due to the varying backgrounds.

Yet, as Harvard Business Review states, “This can lead to miscommunication and friction, especially among team members who collaborate across borders. A company’s competitiveness may suffer as a result.”

If you feel the strain of communication in your office, consider SASS training, especially if you have a lot of native English speakers as well.


Slow down. Ask for Input. Simplify. Support Them.

Speaking English for Maximum Efficiency & Understanding

Supplying your non-native English speakers with private English lessons is great, but it will take time to get the progress you want.

At Fluency Corp, we were once asked, “Why do I understand you guys so well, but it’s so hard to understand my colleagues? You are both native English speakers, but I always seem to understand you better.”

That got us thinking. As English instructors, we most definitely speak… in a certain way. In a way that will ensure understanding – that’s our job.

What if we trained the native English speakers at these multilingual companies to speak like an English teacher? That’s when we came up with SASS training. And at the same time, we can give communication tips to the non-native speakers that will make them more confident about speaking English at work. It’s a win/win.

SASS TRAINING can be taken as a half-day (2.5-hour) workshop (plus lunch together afterwards) at the office, or it can be expanded to include various one-on-one sessions with various employees struggling with communication. Sessions ensure continued improvement, coaching, and psychological support.

Think of it as having a come to Jesus moment with those most struggling with communication, and the fastest way to improve overall communication with everyone at the office – all by teaching them what words are easy to understand, what words are hard to understand, the best practices for communicating with multilingual teams, best practices for conference calls, emails and tricks to improve oral communication through Conscious Accent Speak.

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