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Corporate Language Training for a Global Workforce

Fluency Corp is a leading international language training company, both in person or live online. Major companies trust Fluency Corp to drive business results by enhancing employees’ language proficiency — in any language. Today’s global workforce is more connected than ever. Finding common ground and fostering positive communication is important for leadership and employees. Fluency Corp helps global teams build bridges through corporate language training. 

A Better Way to Learn a New Language

We have an amazing array of contract language instructors and customized courses. We’ve spent 10+ years helping Fortune 500 corporations nationally and internationally to better support global organizations whose workforce speaks their second language at work. Lessons and material are tailored to each specific industry and even job-level so global teams learn the language skills they need to be successful in their position. With native instructors, each team’s time is used efficiently to study, practice, and master aspects of a new language that are critical to completing tasks effectively. 

How We Work With Companies

First, we’ll help you assess your employees’ current language skills and identify those who could improve their confidence, performance, and engagement through language training.

We’ll then identify the specific needs of your language learners — including the vocabulary and fluency levels they need in their job roles, as well as their interests and their schedule. Based on your learners’ needs, we’ll assign an instructor and set goals, assessed quarterly.

Our project manager checks in after the first, third, and fifth weeks of language training. After three months, we discuss progress with learners and managers and set new goals.

Fluency Corp’s Unique Approach to Corporate Language Training

Customized Classes

All programs are customized for your language learners and relevant to their needs. There’s no wasting time with “cookie cutter” courses.

Easy Scheduling

We train on your learners’ schedules – either with onsite or online language training sessions.

Experienced Instructors

Unlike other leading language training companies, our highly skilled, culturally diverse instructors all have 2+ years of experience (70% have 5+ years) and all are native speakers of the language they teach.

Quarterly Feedback

We hold quarterly feedback meetings with both language learners and managers to ensure our training is meeting your goals.

Your Partner

We believe in support, personal attention, and being a true partner in your success.

Language Proficiency Boosts the Bottom Line

Participants report noticeable improvement of language skill levels after 10 language training hours with Fluency Corp.
That leads to results like these:

Enhanced communication and collaboration
Stronger teams
Smarter hires and promotions
Employees with greater ease and confidence
Successful international relocations
Improved morale and retention
Reduced operational costs

A Few Of Our Language Training Services

Praise for Fluency Corp’s Language Training

Fluency Corp’s team are terrific tutors – patient, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and challenging. In just a few months, my reading comprehension, conversation, and vocabulary are remarkably better. I would recommend Fluency Corp to anyone – regardless of current fluency.

Allan Brown

Manager, Prevarian

My instructor from Fluency Corp was patient and gave me motivation to continue learning. I was given lots of tips in class for me to be able to study on my own outside of the class, such as websites, books, how to meet others, and CDs. My instructor had knowledge about learning other languages, so if you are a Japanese, Spanish or French speaker, she understands the challenges from your language to English.

Izumi P

Manager, Hitachi

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