Meet The Fluency Corp Team

Micah Bellieu


Micah thought she approached learning languages the right way. She spent over 15 years learning Spanish and even studied abroad. But when she took a job in Mexico, she realized that all of her hard work wasn’t paying off.

Colleagues spoke too quickly for her to keep up during meetings. She had trouble making friends because her textbooks hadn’t taught her everyday, real-life vocabulary and idioms. And she felt out of the loop because she didn’t understand co-workers’ cultural references.

That’s when Micah realized the generic language courses she had taken weren’t effective. She needed to talk with someone in REAL Spanish – the Spanish spoken every day at work. So she started having relevant, interesting and FUN conversations with co-workers about work, life and the culture. Slowly but surely, she gained the language fluency she needed to do her job.

Her experience inspired Micah to found Fluency Corp. Fluency’s approach is the opposite of “one size fits all” language training, which is a waste of time and money. Instead, Fluency Corp takes a customized approach based on giving language learners plenty of speaking experience tailored to their specific jobs.

Micah’s mission is to make sure Fluency’s language learners have the skill and confidence to connect and contribute. As a result, companies that work with Fluency Corp build collaboration, engagement and morale.

Alexandra Gastelum-Sullivan


Alexandra’s path to Fluency Corp is a unique story. Born in el Paso, Texas, Alexandra was raised across the border in Juarez Chih, Mexico. Instead of becoming an engineer like many of her family members, she took a leap of faith and moved to San Antonio, TX to pursue a career in International Business with a concentration in Marketing.

With only a high school knowledge of English, Alexandra faced adversity but after 14 years in the restaurant industry, she refined her skills eventually becoming the Director of Marketing for a multi unit concept in Dallas in 2014.

In 2018 she met Fluency Corp’s CEO, Micah Bellieu, and took what she didn’t know then, the best job she could ever have. Her position allows her to use her people skills, marketing background, and gives her the opportunity to passionately tell her story and help others like her. Her firsthand experience as an international student who came to the U.S. without knowing the language and culturally adapting to a different world and society is an inspiration to others.

It took Alex more than 7 years to be relatively fluent in her second language on her own. She missed plenty of job promotions and opportunities because of the language barrier.

This is why she loves what she is doing now. Fluency Corp allows her to help others like her reach their fluency goals faster and not miss big opportunities. She understands expats and loves the excitement of meeting new people while always learning!

Marjorie Strobel - Client / Learner / Coach Liaison at Fluency Corp

Marjorie Garcia Strobel


Marjorie has been teaching both French and English as a second language for over 10 years. She grew up in the southern part of France and spent over 10 years in the USA where she worked in human resources and office management.

She joined Fluency Corp in 2017 as an online French teacher and more recently she has been given the opportunity to become the students and teachers liaison.

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