EXPAT Chat Videos

oin us in our chats exploring expat coaching tools to prepare for a move abroad with calm and confidence. Both long-time expats, as well as newbies, can benefit from these tools and knowledge in order to help themselves and their family members to prepare and adjust to a new culture, country, and language.

Expat Chat with Deborah Dahab

After being an expat herself, Deborah decided to help other expats to survive, adapt, and thrive while living in another country.

As an Intercultural Psychologist, she specializes in helping expats to adapt to new social settings.

Video Length: 1 hours, 2 minutes

Expat Chat with Robert Cormier

Listen to Robert as he takes you across the globe – Malaysia, Singapore, North Carolina – with his hilariously adventurous wife and kids. If you are about to be an expat, enjoy learning from his family experience.

Robert worked as Director of Paramount Transportation Systems.

Video Length: 1 hours, 4 minutes

Expat Chat with Colleen Vucinovich

Join Micah Bellieu as she chats with native South African expat Colleen Vucinovich. She shares insights from her unique expat journey. For example, she knows most things by three names: native South African, British, & American English.

Video Length: 57 minutes

Expat Chat with Michele Bramstoft

In this video, Micah Bellieu interviews Michele Bramstoft who has lived in Saudi Arabia, France, the USA, and Copenhagen. Learn her story and absorb her tips about learning a new language, missing your native language, communicating, making new friends, and starting a business in a foreign country.

Michele is the Managing Director of Copenhagen Relocations

Video Length: 5 minutes

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