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Serving an International Workforce

Today’s HR professionals already have a lot of responsibilities on their plates. And as business rapidly grows more and more global, HR professionals are increasingly tasked with selecting language training resources for their company’s international workforce.

If you are involved with international relocations for your company, you know that there is a lot riding on each and every one of them. One survey found that almost 70 percent of companies have efforts to reduce international relocation costs.

Forty percent or more of international relocations fail. And the inability to adapt to the host location is one of the top three reasons assignments don’t succeed.

Selecting the right language-training resources for your expat employees (as well as their families) can make all the difference in how easily they become productive in their international assignment and feel at home in a new country.

When employees quickly gain fluency in their new language, they increase their chances of succeeding in their international assignment. Everything from collaborating at work to buying groceries to making friends becomes easier and less stressful.

When your employees are comfortable with their new language, that protects the significant cost your company invests in global relocations. And it ensures your international employees will continue contributing to their fullest potential.

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Employees Not in a Global Office?

Language Training is Still Beneficial

Language training also benefits employees who work with colleagues in different countries virtually or by phone. As employees learn more about their colleagues’ language and culture, they decrease costly misunderstandings, miscommunications, and conflicts.

At the same time, they increase empathy and appreciation and learn to collaborate more smoothly. Language training boosts their productivity and effectiveness even if they never relocate or travel abroad.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Fluency Corp is a leading provider of language training resources that are trusted by HR professionals at top global companies.

You can choose the type of language training that best suits your company’s unique needs. That might be in-person classes for individuals or for a group of employees at your workplace. Or you can provide online classes with a live instructor to your employees and their families, no matter where they are located.

You can even add on self-paced culture and language training. Live practice along with self-study maximizes results.

Whether your employees need in-person or online training, all Fluency Corp language classes are taught by experienced, native-speaker instructors. Our training is also customized (in collaboration with your company’s managers) to your employees’ specific roles and challenges.

This personalized approach helps your language learners see results much faster, which, in turn, guards your company’s bottom line.

Quarterly reports to managers and face-to-face satisfaction meetings with learners help ensure that your employees are gaining the language skills they need for their jobs.

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We also Act as a Cultural Guide

Training by Fluency Corp also stands out because we hold the employee’s hand through all the changes they are going through as part of an international relocation, not just language learning.

After all, knowledge of things like etiquette and common business practices in a new country are just as important to understanding and being understood as having the right vocabulary.

Each instructor acts as a friend and a cultural guide to your company’s language learners.

They offer encouragement and answer questions about everything from local schools and making friends to finding the food they are used to and being a manager in a new culture.

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