Improve your business English & learn how to conduct business in English fluently.
The Dallas-Fort Worth area is a thriving center for global business, which means there are thousands of employees who want to improve their business English and learn how to conduct business in English.

The Metroplex even boasts the highest concentration of corporate headquarters in the United States. Dallas-area companies make their mark in fields ranging from energy and transportation to communication and retail. With a population of over 7 million, Dallas-Fort Worth is also one of the fastest-growing regions in the country. And with many of those new arrivals coming from abroad, Dallas is feeling more and more international every day. With the city’s large Hispanic population, many businesses have realized there’s a huge ROI in having their employees learn Spanish for business.

Dallas has one more claim to fame, though. To create a more effective way to learn languages, Micah Bellieu founded Fluency Corp here in 2008. Since then, we’ve been proud to serve our hometown businesses with language training and accent reduction programs that are customized, practical and fun. Our Dallas clients include Toyota, American Airlines and Samsung.


Many businesses have realized there’s a huge ROI in having their employees learn Spanish for business.

Onsite English Language Training Makes a Difference

No matter where your company is in the sprawling Dallas Metroplex, Fluency Corp offers onsite instruction. This makes language learning more convenient and accessible for your employees. They don’t have to fight that infamous Dallas traffic to get to their language classes! Our private and small-group classes are also tailored to their needs. That means faster results and no time wasted on “cookie cutter” lessons that have nothing to do with their work and lives.

If you’re relocating employees to the Dallas area, the benefits of working with Fluency Corp go beyond language training. Our experienced instructors also become invaluable cultural guides who answer questions, give advice and help expat employees and their families feel at home faster in Dallas. This means a higher relocation success rate.

Support from Fluency Corp helps ensure successful employee relocations to Dallas and smooth collaborations between your U.S. and international employees in Dallas. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about language training in Dallas from a company that’s based here.

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