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Language Training for Businesses

In today’s global economy, there’s a growing need for language training for businesses. Fluency Corp, a leading provider of corporate language training, fills that need with customized in-person and live online classes that quickly build both language and cultural fluency.

HR Professionals

Are you a busy HR professional who’s involved with relocating employees internationally or in finding solutions to language barriers? Language training is a key factor in both the success of global relocations and of international collaboration. Because of our experience, proven process and track record of results, Fluency Corp is a trusted partner of HR professionals at leading global organizations. When you enlist Fluency Corp to provide your language training, you can trust that your company’s investment will pay off. That’s because all of our language classes are customized to your needs. We involve your company’s managers in setting goals and measuring progress.

Employees With Heavy Accents

Even employees who have studied their second language extensively might discover that their colleagues have trouble understanding them because of their heavy accent. For employers, there’s a strong business case for accent reduction training. A heavy accent can keep an otherwise outstanding employee from contributing to their full potential. The communication barriers caused by a heavy accent can also keep an expat employee from feeling at home in their new country — which can ultimately lead a global relocation to fail (at great cost to your company). If you’re an employee who wants to improve your accent, Fluency Corp classes can help you make rapid progress. That’s because all of our instructors are native speakers of the language they teach. And there’s just no substitute for plenty of practical, conversational experience to help you understand how a language is really spoken.

Business Executives

Today’s executives are increasingly likely to be guiding global workforces. As they do, building fluency in the languages of all of their employees strengthens their leadership. When they speak the language of their workers, executives inspire confidence, build trust, enhance collaboration and more quickly identify the needs and challenges their employees are facing. Fluency Corp’s language training programs are designed to help executives quickly build language proficiency even amid their busy schedules. Our instructors take the time to understand your executives’ specific needs. As a result, they make sure that all instruction time is relevant to advancing your executives’ goals for their language learning.

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