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People are moving to Austin nearly every day for a new job, a better life, and access to some of the best food and live music in the United States. Economic growth and the city’s rise in national and international prominence have created the need for more business language training programs in Austin. There’s lots of buzz about Texas’ capital city: You’ll often see Austin on lists of best places to live in the U.S. or fastest-growing U.S. cities (check out our neighborhood guide for more detail!) Residents and visitors alike enjoy Austin’s friendly, funky vibe, its famous events (like South by Southwest and Austin City Limits Festival) and all of the area’s options for outdoor recreation. 

But it isn’t just the lifestyle that draws people to Austin. This once-sleepy college town is now a hub for high-tech businesses. Austin has even earned the nickname “Silicon Hills.” Some of the top players in technology — including Samsung, Hitachi and Intel — have major presences in the Austin area. The city is also home to plenty of startups vying to become the next big thing. There’s also a large Hispanic population, which makes many professionals want to learn Spanish for business opportunities.

And Fluency Corp is there to fill that need. Our language training programs are a great fit for Austin companies that are hiring from abroad, relocating employees from overseas or signing on talented international students from the University of Texas at Austin. If you’ve got an employee that needs to be bilingual for any reason, you’ve come to the right place! 


Austin, Texas is gaining global recognition as a hot spot for large tech employers.

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Taught by native speakers, Fluency Corp’s language training gives your employees the practical skills they need to do day-to-day business in English or Spanish. All programs are customized to your language learners’ needs. Our experienced instructors can present one-on-one or small-group business language training classes at your location and on your schedule. We also offer accent reduction programs or Skype lessons with a live instructor for those who travel often. 

Through Fluency Corp’s business language training, your employees will learn to speak confidently and collaborate with ease. They’ll gain the language skills they need to maximize their contribution (and productivity) to your company and to enjoy life in Austin, Texas.

With the fierce competition for top talent in the Austin job market, Fluency Corp’s flexible, practical and fun language classes can help you attract and retain the best employees. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about learning English or Spanish for business in Austin.

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