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Top Languages to Learn for Business


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Why Should you Learn Another Language for Business?

Learning a new language is beneficial for everyone. Not only does it open doors of communication, but studies have shown that studying foreign languages can increase creativity! Learning a new language for business or personal use can be daunting. At Fluency Corp, we love helping people who work at global companies become fluent in their second, third, fourth, or fifth language! (Hey, it gets easier over time to add just one more.) Being bilingual can also have an impact on your career. You have the power to communicate and bring teams together. You’ll notice many job postings today specifically ask for bilingual or multilingual employees.

From executives to HR managers and small business owners, you deserve an expert language training company. Our corporate language training programs are designed to help you reach fluency. 

It’s not memorizing lists of vocabulary and simple phrases; our language tutors tailor lessons to your specific job. From the emails you write to the meetings you attend, our goal is to help you be high functioning and as productive as possible when contributing at your company.

Our corporate language training programs are most popular for learning English or learning Spanish. But we have language tutors all over the globe who can teach any language you’re looking for. That’s right – learn any language, with a private native speaking language tutor.

Think you’re too busy to learn a language? You can fit language learning into a busy schedule!

Hire a Language Tutor for Your Business

Would learning a foreign language help your employees? Do you need to see productivity improvements at your company? Is language a barrier for the people you manage? Improving communication skills can feel like a big project. With Fluency Corp language tutoring, only two hours of language training a week can make a difference. The cost? Only around $100 a week!

We work with native speakers as our language tutors because it is the most efficient and effective way for learners. Our instructors customize language lessons for specific employee job performance. From writing emails to speaking in meetings, and even business etiquette, we have managers who report language skills improvement after just ten hours of coaching!

Our language tutors use lots of practical, conversational experience to help employees learn faster and apply the things they are learning right away. After 100 hours of tutoring, you should see huge improvements in communication ability.

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