You might think that corporate language courses — like the programs we offer at Fluency Corp — focus on people who have never studied the language they now need to learn for work.

Actually, though, we help clients who have all different levels of fluency in their target languages. It’s fairly common that students in our business language training programs have some degree of proficiency. But then they discover that their previous classes didn’t prepare them to work all day, every day in their second language. Doing business in your second language is a lot more challenging than speaking it in the classroom or even on vacation.

In this infographic, we share some of the common frustrations about using your second language at work. We also offer some ideas for easing these difficulties that both non-native speakers and their colleagues can use.

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If you have more questions, we’d love to help. We’re all about making language training customized, fun and super-motivating. Contact us for a free consultation: or (800) 401-3159.