I recently read an article about what motivates adults to learn that completely aligns with what we experience through our corporate language training programs at Fluency Corp. So I want to expand on some of the points from the motivation article and how they come into play in language learning. If you’ve been thinking about taking language classes yourself — or if you’re evaluating language training options for employees at your company — these points can help you choose a provider who inspires success.

Motivational Language Training Focuses on Results

Busy professionals become motivated to learn a language when they understand how what they are studying will benefit them in their jobs. That’s why customized language training motivates faster learning. Think about it. Which option would you prefer: Using a generic textbook that may or may not have any relevance to your job? Or studying a curriculum that gives you the phrases, idioms and specialized vocabulary you need for your job, in your workplace, in the country where you’re working to work with your employees and coworkers? If you can’t walk out of each and every language class having learned something you can use immediately, you’re less likely to stick with your studies.

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A Lack of Flexibility Drains Motivation

We all have insane schedules. We’re all trying to figure how in the world we’re going to fit everything in — and that includes language classes. Adults need learning options that work for their lives. Language training that doesn’t offer flexibility will quickly be abandoned. For example, if your employees are on the road all the time, then face-to-face lessons might not work. Instead, consider online classes with a live instructor that can fit each employee’s schedule. They can just roll out of bed, open the computer and start learning.

If You Aren’t Interested, You Aren’t Motivated

We get it: You might be looking at language classes for yourself or for employees at your company because your boss has mandated them. But while language training might start out as something you have to do, it will be more effective if turns out to be something that you love doing. We all do our best work when we are engaged, excited and challenged. Not surprisingly, we also do our best learning in these conditions. A great language instructor will take the time to understand what fires their students up. They emphasize the way language empowers their students and opens doors. They create opportunities for students to talk about the things that interest them.

These three areas make all the difference when it comes to staying motivated to learn a new language. That’s what we see time and again with the professionals that Fluency Corp works with. They get real results, and you can, too. To learn more about how we make language training customized, fun and super-motivating, contact us for a free consultation: getfluent@fluencycorp.com or (800) 401-3159.