Bilingual Job Opportunities in 2020 and Beyond

Did you know being able to speak more than two languages can open many doors for you? Yes, of course you did. Many larger cities have been implementing dual language classes for children extensively over the last decade, which means that learning a second language is getting serious for the future! As we all know, bilingual job opportunities are growing in most companies, especially if you work in international sales, global mobility, international relocation, or practically any tech company.

We also know that English speakers are the least likely to speak a second language worldwide. It’s not just America, but also Australia and England as well. According to a 2017 report by the New American Economy, there is a higher need for bilingual workers in the US, which is predicted to double in the next five years. Wow! Many businesses like Bank of America, Gamestop, and H&R Block are hiring bilinguals to outdo their competitors. And do you know what are the most sought after languages? Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Arabic! If you are looking for the best job opportunities for bilinguals in 2020 and beyond, then we got you covered. In this post, we will dive into everything you need to prepare yourself for unlocking new job opportunities across the globe.

Exciting, right? Let’s begin!

Jobs Of The Future For Bilinguals

  1. Customer Service Representative
    Now that the entire world is moving towards remote working, many bilingual job opportunities for remote workers will pop up more and more. What’s more, customer service will always be a field that is needed worldwide. With these two great driving factors for this field, if you speak more than two languages, you will be more attractive to job recruiters. Because you now hold a valuable skill that they need.

    I have worked in this industry as a text chat operator. And even though I only spoke Spanish at the intermediate level, at that time, I was approached for the job. There are many opportunities for you as well if you know where to look. More on that later ; )

    Investing in language lessons for this job is not truly realistic, unless you will be a manager. Getting fluent with a private tutor costs a lot, and so most of these jobs will be taken by native bilinguals, and not necessarily by those who learned the language later in life. Something to consider. Is the money spent on getting fluent worth the hourly pay?

  2. Healthcare Professional
    If you are thinking of joining this profession, then you will realize that being bilingual is a huge perk. You will see many patients and talk to different people from different walks of life, so being able to speak to them in their native language is really important. Whether you choose to be a doctor, nurse, or paramedic, simply talking to someone in a language they understand can be the difference between life and death.This is absolutely worth it. IF you are a doctor, nurse, or another member of the health field and your pay is $60K or more, it will 100% benefit you over your lifetime to get fluent early on. This means, don’t start your Spanish classes at 45 years old. Start at 24 years old during your first job, take 2 hours a week, and you’ll be able to work in Spanish by the time you’re 28. This extra 10 – 15% (maybe more!) on your paycheck, will pay off all of your tutoring costs and more.

    Let’s do the math.

    $60K is average pay for a nurse. 15% extra for being bilingual is an extra $9,000 per year. Average tutoring costs per year are anywhere from $3,500 to $6,900 (depending on company). It’ll take about 400-500 hours of conversational classes to get to a high level. So that’s a total of anywhere from $17,500 or more. But if you are a nurse for the rest of your life, then you’ll be making $9,000 (that’s only if inflation doesn’t happen, and it will over 45 years!) extra every year after age 29, with 36 years left of work. So 36 years multiplied by an extra $9,000 is $324,000 (not accounting for inflation). Ummmm, yea. I think the classes paid for themselves.

  3. Marketing Manager
    Businesses and companies are always looking to break into the global market. So, as a marketing manager, if you are fluent in that language, you will be a valuable person on that team. Not only with the language, but also with the culture and how the new market thinks.
  4. Writer/Journalist
    With a computer, the right skills and the attitude to work hard, anyone can be a writer. But if you are bilingual, you carry a new set of skills that any recruiter would love to have. Because as a bilingual writer, you can write to different sets of readers of that magazine or publication. Another benefit that you will also gain is writing for any publisher that you want to work for. You aren’t limited by language barriers and can find work anywhere just once you have the needed tools.As a writer myself, I had the opportunity to work with different fun and exciting persons from various backgrounds. They bring an array of exciting experiences and a steady income, especially when you are writing in more than one language.
  5. Translator/Interpreter
    Naturally, being a translator/interpreter would be one of the best job opportunities for bilinguals in 2020 and beyond. Because, as we all know, the world is moving towards breaking down all global barriers. So there will be a smooth movement of goods and people. Businesses and organizations are always on the look-out for persons who can translate into different languages and make business better. As we continue to move towards this idea in the future, there will be no drop in the demand of translators and interpreters.
  6. Flight Attendant
    Airline travel is an easy way to travel from location to location. And since as customers, we can pick and choose which airline to travel with, airline companies are now competing for our love. So they now have to improve their customer service. Flight attendants serve as the face of the airline. So businesses are always looking for a strong team that can make their customers feel more comfortable by speaking their native language. Plus, it is an exciting career that allows you to see the world and travel with ease.

So how can you get started?

If you are looking for a job opportunity for bilinguals or a business who is always searching for team members with great language skills, here is how you can get started.

By using the below options, you can easily tap into the best job market, whether for new staff or jobs. You can find many opportunities, both online or in your local area.

  1. Local Job Fairs
    Starting locally can also be the best option for you. It allows you to connect with others within the community and add massively to the growth of your community.
  2. Local & Online Recruitment Agencies
    If you have trouble sourcing jobs or new staff, both locally or online, you can try a recruitment agency. They are well-connected and can use those links to match you with the right person.
  3. Upwork
    If you are looking for remote workers or working remotely, Upwork may also be a valuable option. It is an open platform that brings together businesses and freelancers, making it a superb choice.
  4. Indeed
    Ranked as the number one largest job network online, both businesses and job seekers can use it to connect. It is a simple process of posting your company’s needs and choosing the right person for the job. At the same time, job seekers can enjoy a wide host of job opportunities to find the best fit for them!

There are many job opportunities out there for bilinguals. But if you are not bilingual, don’t worry. We are happy to help you gain fluency in any language you want! Feel free to message us to get started!