Culture Podcast: Global Professionals
Traveling the world, embracing new cultures, and fostering new connections are some of the perks related to international job relocation and international assignments. On the other hand, the subtleties of assimilation, and adapting to, a new culture, coupled with the need to adopt an entire foreign language, can be overwhelming and takes incredible preparation. Despite this, many organizations do not prioritize language learning as part of the relocation transition for their employees.

On the daily show, Two Chaps – Many Cultures, Christian Hoeferle—trainer, coach, and consultant of his company The Culture Mastery, along-side Brett Parry—whose expertise lie in navigating cultural environments and business—both tackle the world of business, culture, and individual growth.

This episode of Two Chaps – Many Cultures features Micah Bellieu, CEO and Founder of Fluency Corp, an organization that specializes in curating language fluency programs for global companies to prepare their employees for ultimate success on their international assignments and family relocations.

Micah explains how to avoid the frustrations that contribute to an unpleasant and unsuccessful international assignment by sharing the how, why, and when of incorporating language development for professionals, their spouses, and their children. She sheds light on the role of language development in propelling individual careers and big-picture corporate goals in an overall functional, happy, and sustainable global relationship or relocation – for both companies and employees.