Spanish Vocabulary for Schedule and Change of Residence Availability

Getting past the first stages of a job interview is hard work. Even more so if it’s for an international position or to a foreign candidate. That first handshaking with no idea of what to expect, those nerve-wracking questions, and the recruiter examining the resume.

It’s no easy task for any of the parts, the recruiter and the candidate. But congrats, you’ve both made it far! You have made a good impression on each other. But now, a key moment of the interview has come: time to talk about schedule and change of residence availability.

This kind of topic can define if someone gets the job or not. You don’t want to make a mistake by asking a completely different question or giving a confusing answer. This could be a possibility if the interview is to a Hispanic person or for a bilingual position. Especially if your Spanish skills are not well polished.

Don’t worry though! Stressing out won’t help, but we will! Fluency Corp has some amazing Spanish vocabulary for you to use at your bilingual job interview and impress everyone! It doesn’t matter if you’re a recruiter or a candidate, we got you covered.

Spanish Vocabulary to Talk About Schedule and Change of Residence Availability

First, here are some words in Spanish that are a must to use in the interview, especially when you discuss availability.

  • Disponibilidad – Availability
  • Cambio – Change
  • Residencia – Residence
  • Horario – Schedule

Obviously, questions are the base of every job interview, and for each question you can have a different answer depending on your lifestyle. So, here is a possible Q&A with variations of answers. If you’re a recruiter, these questions are also a must to see if the candidate is truly the perfect fit for the job and company.

  1. ¿Qué disponibilidad de horario tiene? / What time availability do you have?
    1. Tengo disponibilidad total / I have full availability
    2. Sólo de lunes a viernes / Just from Monday to Friday
    3. Sí, excepto horario nocturno / Yes, except night hours
  2. ¿Cuál es su lugar de residencia? / What is your place of residence?
    1. En Orange County / In Orange County
  3. ¿Tiene disponibilidad de cambio de residencia? / Are you available to change residence?
    1. ¡Absolutamente! / Absolutely
    2. Dentro del estado, sí / Within the state, yes, I do
    3. No, lo siento / No, I´m sorry

Don’t forget about everyday expressions! Just like in English, you’ll also have to use common Spanish expressions during an interview. These work for answering some important questions or to greet and dismiss the other person.

  • ¡Absolutamente! / Absolutely
  • Gracias por su tiempo / Thank you for your time
  • Gracias a usted / Thank you
  • Lo siento / I’m sorry

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