Mile High SHRM Webinar: “Designing a Successful Employee Financial Wellness Program: How to Get Started”

Financial knowledge is essential for people to know how to manage their money and, therefore, live well. It’s also important for companies, so they can grow exponentially and reach all their goals without falling for a scam.

But did you know that companies can help their employees learn about financial wellness? This is a great idea to implement at your office, because it’s beneficial for both sides.

Employees will learn to handle their money and be thankful to their company for that. And keeping a happy worker will motivate employees to work with high quality and it’ll bring a good image for your company.

If that’s your goal, you should check Mile High SHRM’s next event. You’ll learn a lot, whether you’re an employee, a CEO, a Human Resources expert or an entrepreneur.

About Mile High SHRM

Mile High Society for Human Resource Management (Mile High SHRM) wants to keep growing the HR industry and educate professionals. They achieve that through their courses and different educational events.

Their history backs them up as a successful organization, as they were founded in 1938 and have grown to over 1000 members now. All of which have different job positions, like directors, legal counsels, consultants, and more.

So, Mile High SHRM is a good source of information to learn from. You can join them as a member. Just choose one of their memberships. There’s the General, the Professional, the Resource Provider and the Student Membership.

All have different characteristics that depend on what you do and what your position in the industry is. After your membership ends, you can renew it if you love being a part of this organization.

Oh, and of course there are benefits for all members. Some of them are discounts for the conferences and for a “festive summer gathering”. As well as access to HR information and a subscription to Zywave.

The greatest of all is that they want to recognize HR professionals, so they’ve created the Elevate HR Awards. Through them, they’ll acknowledge the hard work of “eight HR professionals/teams who are advancing Human Resources in their organization or community”.

And you can nominate whoever you want; you have until September 30th, 2023. So hurry up! Your favorite HR worker might win this!

Event Details

Date: Thursday, June 22, 2023
Time: 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Location: Since it’s a webinar, it’s virtual

The “Designing a Successful Employee Financial Wellness Program: How to Get Started” event is all about finances and learning to manage them. Their goal is to teach you how to implement a financial wellness program for your employees.

Though that’s a long process with a lot of things implicated, this event it’s a great starting point. You’ll learn about “program design, budgeting, and implementing financial education and resources for employees”.

Be ready to soak in all the knowledge. Don’t worry if doubts pop up, as you’ll have time to ask any question you may have. Have no shame; asking questions it’s an important part of the learning process.

If you attend, you’ll also have the chance of earning 1.5 SHRM and HRCI general credits.

Registration is open until the day of the event. It’s free for all members and it costs $25 for non-members.

Speaker: Brent Hines

Brent Hines is an international speaker and the co-founder and executive director of the Foundation for Financial Wellness. He studied a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Financial Management Services at the University of Colorado Boulder.

He also has many different certifications, including an eSpeakers Virtual Presenter certification. He’s also a certified Financial Wellness Educator by the Foundation for Financial Wellness.

He’s worked as a Professional Speaker and Consultant for Hines International since 2008, and has been a Professional Speaker, Chief Development Officer and Executive Director of the Foundation for Financial Wellness since 2011. So, he has a lot of experience in those fields.

The Foundation for Financial Wellness’ mission is to help people “take control of their financial lives” and, therefore, improve their lives. They believe that if you have financial problems, then it will affect other areas of your life as well. That’s why it’s better to know how to control your economy; it’ll save you a lot of stress.

They teach about budgeting, investment, retirement, and many more important topics. They have a holistic approach named “Be – Do – Have”. This means they want you to have finance knowledge and act based on that knowledge.

So, it doesn’t stay in pure theory.

According to his LinkedIn, he’s the perfect speaker “if you’re looking for big shifts in thinking, behaviors and most importantly, results”.

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