Mile High SHRM Webinar: Life Skills Panel: How to Be a Homeowner

Expats are always thinking about where they’re going to live in their new country or state. Relocation and Mobility companies do a great job helping you adapt to your new life and find a good apartment to live in. But what happens to your dream of owning your own place one day?

We know it’s a difficult task and you might feel lost, especially if you find yourself in a new country. But believe us, expat or not, you can achieve that dream. You just have to know the process. That’ll make you feel more in control and you’ll be able to make a plan.

Mile High SHRM cares about its community and invites you to their next webinar, which will help you with that. So, don’t miss it.

About Mile High SHRM

Mile High Society for Human Resource Management (Mile High SHRM) was founded in 1938 to help HR professionals be better at their work. Since then, they’ve grown a lot and continue to help educate many people and experts about this industry.

Currently, they have over a thousand members from different companies and with different job positions. You can be a member too! Choose between the Professional, the Resource Provider or the Student Membership. Then pick one of their membership packages.

There’s the HR Conference Join & Go package, which costs $395. The Networker Annual Membership package is $362. There’s also the Educator Annual Membership package of $497. Or even better, buy the All Access Membership package that costs $582.

All memberships include great benefits for you, like discounts for conferences and free webinars. But to choose a package, you must check their advantages very well, because they all have different benefits, some have more than others.

Oh, and if you’re an active-duty military or an honorably discharged veteran, you get a 10% discount in your membership. How great is that!

To accomplish their goal of educating professionals, Mile High SHRM has a certification preparation course. The SHRM certification confirms that you’re a HR expert, because you’ve prepared enough to have all the skills needed.

If you’re nervous about your exam to get the certification, this course will help you. You’ll get to participate in interesting discussions, learn tips for your final exam and ask all your doubts to a SHRM-certified instructor.

The course takes place two times a year, in Spring and Fall. Pick the one that fits your schedule the best and see how much you learn.

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, June 27, 2023
Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Location: Virtual; it’s a webinar

The “Life Skills Panel: How to Be a Homeowner” event is for anyone who wants to buy a house. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expat, a young adult, an elderly, or just a hard-working person ready to own a home. This webinar will help all of you.

There will be a panel of experts who will guide you through the whole process, so you understand it better. They’ll clarify every doubt.

In this event, you’ll “navigate the competitive Denver housing market”. You’ll also be able to see and control “what you can afford” and “consider costs that are often overlooked”.

Registration is open until the day of the event: June 27th, 2023. The event is free for members and costs $25 for non-members.


Jill Mant

Jill Mant is a realtor with years of experience and a love for helping people. In her compass profile, she says that her biggest goal “is protecting your emotional and financial well-being. She helps buyers by getting to know your needs and desires and understanding what’s more important for you.

Mant studied a Bachelor of Science in Marketing at University of Hartford. She worked as a Sales Manager for Street Fight. She’s also worked as a Broker Associate at different companies, including Live Urban Real Estate and Corcoran Perry & Co.

She’s been a Real Estate Broker Associate at Compass Real Estate since 2021. So, she has all the experience to help you learn how to own your first house.

Lolita Dukundane

Lolita Dukundane is a finance expert with many years of experience in different companies and job positions. In her LinkedIn she states that she loves “learning and helping people”. Her love for learning is shown in her education, as she studied a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance at Université Catholique de l’Ouest.

Then, she got a dual degree in Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Finance, Risk Management and Insurance. She also knows three languages: English, French and Kirundi.

Dukundane was a Young Professional Advisory Board Member at Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce. She has worked in FirstBank for more than five years now and has had different positions; she’s currently the Assistant Vice President.

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