Man using virtual touchscreen presses word: TRIVIA. Business, Finance and Economics concept. Trivia Time.

Ready for a fun and knowledgeable evening? Come on, you deserve it! After working so hard, you probably want a cool event to chill. The relocation and mobility companies CRC Chicago and BAMM have the perfect event for you: “BAMM vs CRC – Trivia Battle”.

This is the perfect gathering to realize that you can keep learning something in an event from your company while still having fun. Because no matter how experts we are, there’s always something we can take away even from game events like this. Plus, it’s for a good cause! What’s better than that?

So, don’t miss out on this super cool trivia battle!

About CRC Chicago

The Corporate Relocation Council of Chicago (CRC Chicago) is an organization that aims to educate global mobility professionals to improve their skills and the industry itself.

Among the things they’ve promised to keep are to promote a culture of constant learning. As well as to “provide timely and valuable industry and association communications”.

They have a long history of helping the mobility business and professionals. CRC Chicago started in the late 70’s as just some luncheons to discuss issues and educate new professionals. Gradually, they started to grow more and more. Now, they’re a very important relocation organization that honors their past.

CRC Chicago also has their own award called “Sandra M. Welbourn Service Award”. These awards were founded in 2011 to “[…] remember and celebrate the tremendous dedication and contributions of beloved CRC Administrator, Sandy Welbourn”. It is given to someone who leads by example, has good teamwork skills, improves CRC Chicago and more.

If you like CRC Chicago, you can become a member. There’s the Corporate Membership that is free. The Service Membership that, at the same time, has different levels of membership. Level 1 costs $125, level 2 costs $150, level 3 costs $175, level 4 costs $200, and level 5 costs $225.

Finally, there’s also a Transitional Membership. You can choose the one that applies to your business profile the best. All memberships have benefits, including discounts for events, CRP credits, access to their job announcements and resources, and more. Oh, and you can renew your membership!

About BAMM

The Bay Area Mobility Management (BAMM) is a forum that wants to educate, give networking opportunities and important resources to mobility professionals. It’s especially for those in the San Francisco Bay Area.

They also help their relocation community. Their mission statement is: ” Educating, Elevating, and Connecting the Bay Area Mobility Community”.

As parts of their support to the community, they help different charities. But it doesn’t stop there. They also offer scholarships of $1,500 for two high school seniors. Of course, these students must meet certain requirements, including having been relocated to Northern California and have a good academic performance.

Applicants must also write an essay about how relocation has impacted their life. And about the “[…] impactful skills or life experiences developed as a result of the relocation”.

You can be a member! There’s the Corporate Membership and the Supplier Membership. Each membership offers different benefits. But they do share some, like expanding your network of professionals and access to presentations to content just for BAMM members. If you like it enough, you can also renew your membership!

You can also be a sponsor. There’s the Keystone Community Supporter that costs $4000 for those who are new sponsors. And you get benefits like two registrations for the annual conference, four Annual BAMM Supplier Memberships, the chance to attend the Summer Soiree and more.

There’s also the Mission Community Supporter that costs $2,500 for new sponsors. And you get two Annual BAMM Supplier Memberships, your logo on the sponsorship directory, as well as on the BAMM conference website and app, and more.

Event Details

Date: Thursday, February 29th, 2024
Time: 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Location: In person at Argonaut Hotel at 495 Jefferson St., San Francisco, CA 94109. Or virtual via zoom.

CRC and BAMM are ready to get head-to-head in a wild virtual trivia game to see which organization has the “[…] WORLDS SMARTEST HUMAN!” And you’ll get to play too! Do you know what this means?

That you’ll not only have tons of fun attending, but since it’s a trivia, you’ll also learn many things. Because it is possible to learn during a competition. Others can learn from your right answers. Just like you can learn from others correct guesses and mistakes, as well as from your own.

On top of that, it’s also a great event to do networking and get some great business contacts. This can only benefit you as a professional.
Besides knowledge and new connections, is there another gift? Of course, a $250 Gift Card!

But wait! Good news doesn’t stop there. This event will benefit Move for Hunger. This is an organization that “[…] mobilizes transportation networks to deliver surplus food to communities in need”. They give people the chance to donate their food when they’re moving, so nothing goes to waste.

If you think about it, that’s a lot of food, since many different people are constantly relocating. In fact, since 2009, they’ve collected and delivered to different food banks more than 40 million pounds of food. That’s a lot of help!

That’s why BAMM and CRC highly encourage you to donate through this event. The donations up to $2,500 will be matched by their sponsor: Global Destination Services.

You can register now; it’s free. But if you make a $35 donation, you’ll get a limited-edition t-shirt. To play online, click here.

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