HRP Mobility Event 2024 Relo Rodeo Roundup

We bet that if you work in mobility, you’re constantly learning new things and updating your knowledge about what goes in the industry. That shows your commitment and how great of a professional you are. After all, the mobility business is ever changing due to the fact that it evolves as the world does so.

So social situations, new technology and modern globalization affects it. So, yes, it is important for experts to keep on learning, just like you do. Good news is this doesn’t have to be boring; all the contrary, it can be super fun.

HRP knows that. That’s why they bring the coolest, best event for you to catch up with the industry while having fun. The “2024 Relo Rodeo Roundup”. You can’t miss it.

About HRP

Houston Relocation Professionals (HRP) is an organization that has the purpose of educating fellow relocation and Human Resources professionals. As well as giving them networking opportunities. All of this helps, at the same time, improve the relocation and HR industries.

To supervise everything goes well and the mission of the organization is met, there is a Board of Directors. Everyone there works in something related to the mobility business, like real estate, mortgage, transportation, and more areas.

They also care about their community. That’s why they help by doing some donations to different charities through their Outreach Program.

They’ve actually donated to Candlelighters and Move for Hunger before. Some of these donations come from what they collect at some events. So there you go, attending their events is not only beneficial for you, but also your community.

On top of that, they also offer a scholarship to a high school senior. Of course, there are some requirements. Like the student has had to be relocated more than 50 miles and therefore, he/she had to change schools. They also need to have good grades.

Oh, and students that want to apply for it must fill an application. Honestly, it’s a great opportunity. So be on the lookout for when they announce the next scholarship.

If you like what HRP stands for, become a member! There’s the annual membership for Corporate Relocation Professionals and it’s free. And the annual membership for Service Providers that costs $125.

Of course, there are benefits of being a HRP member. Some are discounts for the HRP annual Spring and Fall educational seminar and the chance to be part of activities to support Candlelighters.

Pre-Event Happy Hour

Date: Wednesday, March 6th, 2024
Time: 4:00 pm
Location: Armadillo Palace

Before the main event on March 7th, there will be a pre-event Happy Hour the day before. This day is all about “[…] setting the stage for camaraderie and connections…” This means it’s the perfect moment for you to get to know the attendees and do some networking.

Making business contacts it’s part of the job and will be super helpful for your future. Plus, it’s all in a chill environment. And hey, maybe you’ll also end up with some friends. So, don’t be shy.

Event Details

Date: Thursday, March 7th, 2024
Time: 8:30 am to 9:00 pm
Location: The main event is at The Westin Houston Med Center. The social event after it is at the Champion Wine Garden.

The “2024 Relo Rodeo Roundup” it’s a very complete event; HRP describes it as a “[…] two-day extravaganza…” Because between the pre-event Happy Hour and the main event, it turns out to be full of educational information and fun.

During this event you’ll find yourself immersed in “[..] interactive roundtables and insightful discussions…” With this, they aim to “[…] steer you through the latest trends and breakthroughs in our field”.

So, there’s no doubt you’ll learn new things and get updated with everything that’s going on in the mobility world. This is perfect for you to apply in your job and become a better professional.

They encourage you to go with your coolest Western, rodeo outfit. But if you prefer, you can go business casual.

They also have set aside some rooms at The Westin Houston Medical Center/Museum District for both March 6th and 7th evenings. But they’re limited. You can check if there’s still a room in here.

You can register now. The Educational Luncheon and Rodeo Event costs $275 for non-members. The Educational Luncheon only costs $200 for non-members. The Rodeo Event only costs $75 for non-members.

Event Details

The agenda for this awesome event is already planned. Check it out!

Registration will take place from 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM. Then, from 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM, there will be some opening remarks by the president.

Now, it’s time to start learning! From 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM there will be different rotating industry table topics. After it, from 11:15 AM to 12:00 PM there’ll be an “AI Update” by Deloitte, such an important topic nowadays.

From 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM, it’s finally time for some lunch. But wait! During this time there will be a special, private corporate roundtable for all corporate attendees. With this, they want for you to exchange “[…] wisdom and strategies with peers in an intimate, collaborative atmosphere”.

Then, from 1:45 PM to 2:35 PM, there will be an Intercultural Panel. After, from 2:35 PM to 3:00 PM, it’s time for a “Raffle, Best Dress”. Finally, from 3:00 PM to 3:30 PM, there’s going to be a “Cash Bar & Roundup” to end the learning part of the day on a good note.

But the day really doesn’t end there. After all of this, you’ll go to a private HRP tent that’s in the Championship Wine Garden. There, you all will “mosey on down the iconic Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for an exclusive networking event…”

This is yet another great opportunity for you to network with your peers and the fellow professionals you met during these two days. Keep reinforcing those connections and sharing ideas during the popular Houston Livestock Show.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering how you’ll get back home, they have Metro Light Rail tickets for you.

Remember to wear your best rodeo costume, as they’ll have their “Relo Rodeo Costume Contest”.


For the AI Update session:

Joel Thompson

He studied a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management and Economics at University of Oklahoma. He then became Client Services Team Leader for Mercer, where he worked for four years.

After that, he started working at Deloitte where he’s worked for twelve years now in different roles! First, he was their Consultant, then their Senior Consultant, then he became the Manager before landing his current role of Senior Manager.

On his LinkedIn, he lists employee benefits, HR consulting, HRIS, process improvement and change management as some of his skills and areas of knowledge.


Moderator for the Intercultural Panel:

Morgan Snapp

She studied a Bachelor of Sciences in Business Administration and Management at The University of Kansas. Then, she got her Masters of Business Administration in Project Management at Bellevue University.

She has gained a lot of work experience through her different jobs. She was a District Manager at ALDI Stores.

She also worked as an Account Executive at NEI Global Relocation. After, she became Adjunct Professor at Bellevue University, where she still works and has been for nine years!

She also works for Cartus and has been there for ten years! First, she was their Director US Operations, then the Global Account Manager, and is now the Director of Strategic Business Solutions.

As if all of that weren’t enough, she’s part of the ROCKY MOUNTAIN RELOCATION COUNCIL’s Board of Directors. She’s also part of the Arizona Relocation Alliance and the Bay Area Mobility Management. Impressive!


Speakers for that same panel:

Karen Hamady

She studied a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at University of Colorado Boulder. Later, she got her International Master’s Degree in Business Administration (IMBA) in International Management at University of Denver.

As for her work experience, she was Regional Director at Prudential Relocation for ten years! Then, was a Business Development Consultant at Mercer. She then went to be Regional Director for Family Guidance International.

All of this before going to work at Chevron. First as an Operations Counselor of International HR for Africa and Latin America Regions. Then, she had numerous job positions there.

She was a Senior HR Business Partner, a HR Business Partner Team Lead, a HR Advisor, and is now Manager of Mobility CoE.

On her LinkedIn, she describes herself as a “[…] Global Mobility leader who is passionate about advising top decision makers on mobility strategy”.


Rudy Lechuga

He studied a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Administration and Management at Ball State University. Since then, he’s gathered great experience in different companies. He worked Advertising Sales at Angie’s List.

Then, he went onto work at LTC Language Solutions as a Global Business Manager. After that, he was the Director of Business Development at Executive Language Training – elt Language Solutions. All these was before landing his latest role as a Vice President Client Success at Global LT.

He’s also a Board Member of the Houston Relocation Professionals.

On his LinkedIn, he has different skills, including customer service, leadership, sales, social media, public speaking, and more.


Scott Addaman

He attended The University of Georgia. And he’s a graduate from the Human Resource Management Program at DeVry University.

Through the years, he’s gained a lot of experience by working in different companies with different job positions. He once was a Relocation Manager at Prudential Real Estate. He also worked as a Corporate Relocation Manager at The Coca-Cola Company for five years!

He went back to work at Prudential Real Estate, but this time as a Real Estate Sales. He also worked for Graebel Companies, where he had different roles as the years passed.

He started as an International Assignment Consultant, later he became the International Operations Manager, and finally he was the Director of Global Client Relations. After that, he was Vice President of Client Services and later Senior Vice President of OneSource Relocation.

All of this led him to the company he currently works at: Going-there Global Destination Services. Where he’s Senior Vice President of Global Market Development, as well as Executive Vice President of Global Market Development.

His skills according to LinkedIn are relocation, negotiation, employee relations, real estate, and account management, among others.

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