Closeup hand arrange wood letters as CSR abbreviation (Corporate social responsibility)

Are you looking to improve your company and workplace, so people see you as a positive business? That’s great! We bet your employees, clients and just anyone around you will thank you for that.

A great concept to implement is the corporate social responsibility (CSR). After all, now more than ever companies are asked to answer for what they do. Because businesses have a responsibility towards their community and the world in general.

Mile High SHRM understands that and that’s why they invite you to their next event. It’s called “Beyond the Bottom Line: Corporate Social Responsibility and How Your Business Makes a Difference”.

And if you want to have a good effect on society and enhance as a company, you can’t miss it. Learning about CSR is today’s best tool for improvement.

About Mile High SHRM

Mile High Society of Human Resource Management (Mile High SHRM) is an organization that aims to help Human Resources professionals and the industry itself. For them to achieve this, they stick to their mission slogan, which is to “Engage. Educate. Empower.” That’s what they want to do.

There’s a board of directors that supervises that everything goes well. And there are also many different members of the organization. Some have jobs related to the industry, some others are in transition between jobs, and some are even students.

The ones working have different job positions, like directors, managers, consultants, and more. This way there are different HR perspectives.

There’s a Mentor Program. It aims to help you give it a boost to your career, enter the industry, or share your path and what you know with someone. They state that mentoring “[…] leads to increased job satisfaction, achievement of goals, and stronger networks”. And that “mentors gain increased self-awareness, leadership abilities, and interpersonal communication”.

Of course, there are some requirements for both, those who want to be mentors and those who want to be mentees. They also have testimonials from their 2023 program, so you can check them out to see for yourself how good the program is. There will be a new Mentor Program session in late spring so look out for it.

Good news if you like Mile High SHRM: You can be a member too! They have what is called a dual membership. This means that when you purchase the Mile High SHRM membership, you’ll also purchase the National SHRM membership, or the other way around. Basically, they go together.

This is good, because you’ll get the benefits from both. That includes personalized content, discounts on SHRM events, access to their career center, the chance to be on the Mentorship Program, and more. There’s also a Student Membership.

Finally, there’s the In-Transition Membership that gives a 50% discount off the Mile High SHRM membership for those that are in-transition. Oh, and you can renew!

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, March 5th, 2024
Time: 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Location: Online, because it’s a webinar

Corporate social responsibility is something that people are looking more and more into. People look for companies that have that attribute. At the same time companies also want to learn more about it, because they “[…] seek to balance their pursuit of profits with the needs of their stakeholders”.

So, Mile High SHRM came up with the “Beyond the Bottom Line: Corporate Social Responsibility and How Your Business Makes a Difference” webinar. It will help you learn everything you need to know about corporate social responsibility (CSR).

From “[…] how to customize your CSR Roadmap” to how to implement CSR, and the benefits of it. As well as how to “[…] best to measure your CSR success”. It’s a truly complete webinar.

They promise “attendees will leave feeling equipped to create a new program or enhance an already existing initiative…”

The knowledge about this topic will be instructed by Strat Labs. This is an organization that aims to “[…] empower purpose-driven brands and individuals to refine their story, amplify their voice, and build their community…” All “[…] through strategic marketing, communications, and philanthropy”.

You can register now and until the day of the event: March 5th, 2024. It’s free for members and costs $25 for non-members.


Elizabeth Neufeld

Elizabeth Neufeld studied a Bachelor of Science in Journalism at University of Colorado Boulder. Ever since, she’s gathered a great work experience through different companies. She worked as Executive Director and Consultant at @properties.

She was also Vice President of Development at Kartemquin Educational Films. Then, she became Managing Director at Adaptive Adventures. After, she was Vice President of Strategy and Growth at Range of Motion Project until May 2018.

In 2017, she founded Strat Labs, because she was looking to “[…] bring marketing, communications, and fundraising together for both nonprofits and companies”. She still continues to be their CEO.

On LinkedIn, she lists strategic partnerships, marketing, public relations, strategic communications, philanthropy as some of her skills and areas of knowledge.

She states that her philosophy is that “[…] executives should use more data + emotional impact to ensure communications are effective, meaningful, and make an impact on the intended audience.

Candace Richter

Candace Richter studied International Business and Corporate Communications with French Minor at College of Charleston. She is now studying Sustainable Business Strategy at Harvard Business School Online.

She has also gathered an impressive work experience. She worked at the Bank of America, first as a Treasury Management Associate Program and then as an Assistant Vice President of Global Trade Sales.

She then worked at Discovery Communications as an Account Director / Team Lead and then as a Regional Director of Discovery Channel / Discovery Education. She also worked at Inspirato for five years in different roles.

She began as their Regional Manager. Then became their Regional Director, then the Manager of Sales and finally she became the Manager of Inspirato for Good.

Meanwhile, in 2012 she founded the Bee Mighty Foundation. This is a “[…] non-profit that provides support and resources to local families before, during and after their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) journey”. On top of that, she also works as a Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist at Strat Labs.

According to her LinkedIn, her skills are marketing strategy, marketing communications, account management, digital media, among others.

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