Worldwide ERC Mobility Event

The mobility and relocation industry is changing! So stay on your toes, because you must be updated with everything! Don’t get stressed though; Worldwide ERC has the perfect event to do that. They know how interesting this industry is, but also how much it can change as the world evolves. As well as how many subjects there are to learn about.

To make sure you don’t get confused and overwhelmed, they’ve prepared their next webinar. There, you’ll learn everything that’s essential for your growth as a mobility professional. Be sure not to miss it.

About Worldwide ERC

Worldwide ERC was born in 1964 as the “Employee Relocation Real Estate Advisory Council” with only six members. Nonetheless, they still had a mission: to help the country and its businesses with what they needed to move their employees. They’ve grown so much since those days.

Besides a change of name, they also grew their members to over a thousand corporations and over nine thousand service industry members. Now, Worldwide ERC describes itself as “the premier trade association for talent management and global mobility knowledge”.

They have a “Three-year Strategic Plan” that consists of three main steps or characteristics that defines them. First, is “Engage”. It’s about inviting professionals from all around the world that work in the industry and share a love for global mobility and connecting them.

The second step is to “Inspire”. They want to inspire to improve mobility knowledge and professionalism through great technology, “best-practice modeling” and “respected branding”.

The third step is to “Educate”. This is all about giving the best information, content, events and courses to prepare the mobility community and make them better at their job.

One of the ways they’ll achieve their goals is by spreading the latest news about the industry through their website. Even better, they have an online Mobility Magazine with the best news, tips and interesting topics.

As if that weren’t enough, they also have a Mobility Minute Newsletter shared into your inbox on Fridays. Through this minute, you’ll read about the most important news in the mobility and relocation industry, so you’re always well informed.

Another way they help the mobility community and professionals is through Worldwide ERC’s learning portal. There, there are great webinars and courses to learn new things, explore other paths about the mobility business or just improve your current skills. To get the benefits of the learning portal, you can either be a member or get a premium subscription.

To become a member, you just have to choose the membership that better suits your profile. There’s the “Professional/Personal Membership”, the “Corporate Premier Membership” and different “Service Provider Memberships”.

All of which have different benefits, including access to an online directory and discounts for events. The best of all? You can renew your membership!

Event Details

Date: August 3rd, 2023
Time: 12:00 pm ET
Location: Online; it’s a webinar

Worldwide ERC presents the “Navigating the Evolving Landscape within the Workforce Mobility Industry – Updates from Worldwide ERC®’s Public Policy Forums” webinar. It’s a very important event to attend.

Whether you’re new to the industry or already an expert, you can benefit from it. This is because you’ll learn new things and, most importantly, you’ll be updated with what’s new and what’s changing in the business.

Many experts from different fields related to mobility will speak about what’s changed, what’s new and how the mobility industry is evolving. As well as the “public policy issues” that affect the mobility world and all that has something to do with it. You’ll also learn “updates on major industry policy initiatives”.

There are three specific and very important topics the speakers will talk about. The first one is “the current immigration and tax landscape and what it means for talent management strategies and processes”.

The second one is “the impact of existing and potential prohibitions on foreign nationals purchasing real estate”.

And the third one is “potential compliance ramifications of emerging technologies, including AI, within the industry”.

As you can see, you can’t miss the event! Because you’ll learn various things very important for the industry and its future as well as for your evolution as a mobility professional.

Another benefit you’ll get from the event besides the knowledge is 1 CRP and GMS credit.

You can register now.


Michael T. Jackson – Moderator

Michael T. Jackson studied a Bachelor of arts in History at The George Washington University. Then, he got his Master of Arts in Public Diplomacy at University of Southern California.

Besides his degrees, he has also gotten a lot of experience in Human Resources and different job positions through the years. He worked as a University Relations Manager at the Association for International Practical Training. He’s also worked as a Manager of Exchange Visitor Programs and a Manager of Employee Experience for SHRM.

He was also the Chief of Staff at Worldwide ERC before being named their Vice President of Member Engagement and Public Policy. That’s his current job. He’s also a board member of the National Association for Media Literacy Education.

According to his LinkedIn, he has skills in community outreach, public policy, program management, public speaking, strategic communications, international exchange, and many more fields. All very valid in Human Resources and Mobility businesses.


Azmina Aboobaker

According to her LinkedIn, Aboobaker studied a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at the University of British Columbia. She also became a Doctor of Law at York University. She has tons of experience as an attorney for different companies. Azmina Aboobaker is currently the Director of US & Global Immigration at Meta.

Craig Anderson

Anderson studied a Bachelor of Science in Accounting at DePaul University. He also has many different certifications by Worldwide ERC, including a “Senior Global Mobility Specialist” one. He also got a Distinguished Service Award by Worldwide ERC. Currently, he works as the Vice President of AECC.

Patrick McManamy

He got a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government at Hampden-Sydney College. He’s also a Doctor of Law by the Penn State Dickinson Law. He’s currently a partner of McManamy McLeod Heller, LLC.

Jeffrey Margolis

Margolis got a bachelor’s degree in economics by the University of Michigan and is a Doctor of Law by the Case Western Reserve University School of Law. His story with SIRVA goes back to 1996.

Back then, he was the “Assistant General Counsel of a relocation management company in Cleveland, Ohio that was acquired by SIRVA in 2002”. He’s now SIRVA’s Executive Vice President & General Counsel.

Tristan North

Tristan North got his Bachelor of Science in Finance at Babson College. He’s worked for many years at the American Ambulance Association (AAA) in different job positions. He’s currently their Senior Vice President of Government Affairs. He’s also the Government Affairs Advisor at Worldwide ERC.

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