In the workplace, you can meet and interact with a variety of individuals from different backgrounds, countries, cultures and more. However, despite your differences, you all have to come together to accomplish a specific goal and grow your business, even if you’re at a global workplace where communication challenges are around every corner. 

For this to happen, effective communication at global workplaces is critical. It allows you and your team to relay ideas and successfully carry out these projects. It is the foundation for boosting productivity, efficiency, and your team’s morale. And it is a natural skill to learn!

In this post, we will discuss the benefits of effective communication in the workplace. Also, we will look at the best tips on effective communication that you can easily apply anywhere, even for remote employees.

Let’s dive in!

5 Benefits of Effective Communication at a Global Workplace

There is a reason why many successful corporations and business consulting agencies place a heavy emphasis on effective communication in the workplace. It definitely has to do with the many benefits and positive effects it has on your business.

With that said, here are the top 5 benefits of effective communication:

  • You can not only manage but also promote diversity at your global workplace

Effective communication plays a much larger role when your workplace is on a global stage. Because this means that you will have to communicate with a diverse group of people across the globe. It is an exciting venture! But you also have to factor in different dialects and languages. Thankfully, there are countless online language teaching tools such as language tutors, that will make you better equipped for this beautiful process. And with these useful tools, you can train your team and make them more ready to tackle the industry worldwide. 

Unfortunately, in some enterprises, only a handful of opinions are heard during the decision-making process, especially when they are from the higher-ups. This is a prime example of what not to do, as it will only lead to negative effects. For example, there will be a decrease in your team’s engagement and motivation, leading to a reduction in productivity, further spiraling down to less business growth. And the vicious cycle continues. You will also lose out on valuable ideas from your team if you are only listening to that from a few minds. 

  • You can calmly soothe conflicts

As we all know, conflicts can appear in the workplace, resulting from poor communication. Let’s look at it this way, issues can stem from two persons miscommunicating or misunderstanding each other. So we have to ensure that we are placing attention on effective communication. With this valuable skill, you can not only smooth over the situation between the two employees but also limit the number of times conflicts arise. A definite win in our book!

  • Time to boost your team’s skills

Another great benefit of effective communication is improving your team’s skills. At times, this benefit is overlooked, but you can absolutely use it to your advantage. As a team leader, you have to communicate effectively with your team daily. With this skill under your belt, you can identify your team’s weak points and then plan the right steps to improve them. Whether that be taking courses, or getting the proper training, tapping into these gaps in skills will do a world of good for your team and company. 

Additionally, with the right communication skills, you can quickly pinpoint any glowing skills that a team member has and adjust their role accordingly. 

Let’s look at an example. 

By properly communicating with Fran, you were able to identify that she has a strong background in sales. In fact, she previously worked on a few successful projects. So you smoothly transitioned her to another post or project where her skills are much needed.

The Main Goal: Profit and Long-term Growth

With all that’s said and done, we can’t forget the major end goal of your business: profit and long-term growth. And thankfully, effective communication is one of the best ways to achieve these objectives. 

It helps with creating practical policies and systems and planning and executing projects with exceptional efficiency. You will be achieving more in less time, resulting in more money in your pocket (or company’s accounts). 


Best Tips & Tricks for Effective Communication In The Global Workplace

Now that you are convinced that effective communication should be natural in your workplace, how can you start?

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to start on this path.

Ensure that everyone is present

Taking this very first step will make sure that everyone is heard, everyone listens and everyone understands the plan. This step also extends to remote staff, especially when they take an active role in your company.

Deliver your thoughts, ideas and plans as simply as possible in an international setting

By speaking plainly and clearly, you are getting rid of any misconceptions and misunderstandings, allowing the entire process to flow smoothly.

Speak face to face (or video!) whenever you work at a multilingual workplace

Even though modern technology helps boost productivity, sometimes it is good to back to the olden days of just speaking face to face. Because at times, we forget one of the most essential factors of effective communication is non-verbal communication. Through technology, you will not hear the tone of voice or see hand gestures or facial expressions. But if you can’t have an in-person meeting, then a video call is the next best thing.

 Set out clear objectives

Having a clear goal in mind at the start of a meeting will help to prevent side-tracking. This will then lead to improved productivity as you will be able to remain focus and reach your targets.

All in all – Global and Multilingual Workplaces Can Teach you a Lot about Communicating Effectively (But You Have to Know How!)

Effective communication holds an essential place in any organization since it has many benefits that you can take advantage of. Also, we all know we have to communicate with people in any industry to ensure proper running. With the previously mentioned tips, you will be able to instill effective communication in your company for long-term growth.

And if you are looking for more help on communicating effectively on a global scale, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!