Assimilation Part 4: Stay Positive During a Relocation

You may be moving due to a change in your office’s location. Or maybe you need to showcase your skills and grow the business in a different part of the world. Regardless of which reason you have to relocate, one thing that can be said is that this entire process can be an emotional one. Just the simple thought of moving your life somewhere else can fill you with dread and anxiety or anticipation and excitement.

And that’s fine. It is natural to feel such intense emotions. However, despite these emotions, it is crucial to stay positive during a relocation. Entering a new chapter of your life with immense optimism and positivity will open you to new and fulfilling experiences. But to achieve this, you should absorb and apply these five tips on how to stay positive during a relocation.

Understand that there are Differences in Genders

Countries and customs differ depending on where you are relocated to. Therefore, it is your job to understand and assimilate yourselves to these cultural distinctions. And these differences can be seen between men and women in how they behave, speak, and their roles.

For example, in Japan, there are different traditional speech for both men and women. For Japanese men, their traditional speech is otokorashii (男らしい, “manly” or “masculine”), which is characterized by having a more blunt speech. While for women, onnarashii (女らしい), “feminine or ladylike” is defined as being more polite. Understanding these distinct differences will help you adapt nicely to another country’s customs.

Customs and Cultures Vary Across a Country

Many of us assume that a country is uniform and offers the same experience. As we know, countries are enormous! Therefore, the history, culture, and customs of one city or area may vary from that of another. For instance, what you experience in Paris may differ from that of the South of France. In keeping with our positive outlook, let’s look at the glass half full. With different aspects within a country, you are now free to explore new experiences and make new memories.

Observe the Locals

You are in a new and unfamiliar country that may have customs that differ from those you know. Therefore, we highly recommend that you take the time to observe and copy the local customs and behaviors to better blend into society. Also, if you are confused by these behaviors, then feel free to ask a close friend or work colleague to shed some light. Plus, it is a great way to show that you love and respect their culture, so we advise you to try it.

Be Respectful

As stated before, all countries are different. They offer a diverse range of experiences, both the good… and the bad. And the bad experiences you may encounter depends on the country. For example, the Spanish complain about beer prices, while the British criticize having to say what kind of beer instead of just asking for a pint. On the other hand, the Italians may protest their healthcare system.

Regardless, every country faces its own problems. And when you encounter a bad experience in that new country, you must remember to be respectful, by not complaining or being rude. As you may easily offend the natives who are patriotic to their homeland despite its downsides. Plus, you are the one who chose to travel there, so you ought to learn to be more positive and focus on the many excellent experiences that the country has to offer.

Stay Positive During Assimilation

Relocating can be a fulfilling adventure that welcomes new opportunities for you and your business. But to enjoy your time in a new country, you have to gradually assimilate yourself into its local customs while having a positive outlook. It is a fun and exhilarating venture. And to make it easier for you, we recommend that you take your time and observe the locals. In addition to understanding that every country is different and you have to be respectful. By using these simple yet powerful tips, you will be slowly easing into your new life while appreciating the journey along the way!

And if you need help easing your business and employees into a new country, then we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!