Mile High SHRM Event: Thinking Outside the Box for Retaining Talent

It’s not a secret that the world has been changing a lot in the last few years, including the workplace. The pandemic forced us to create new ways of working. Technology advances more every day to help us with our responsibilities. And new generations are demanding better work environments and leadership.

This leaves companies, specifically Human Resources professionals, with the hard task of renovating their ideas to attract and retain new talent. They must be up to date with what the employees wish and deserve to keep them happy. And a happy team is the best way to avoid losing talent and continue to grow your company.

If you’re a HR professional or a CEO, we recommend you continue to be innovative about how you and your company can improve team morale. If you want help with that, check out Mile High SHRM’s conference: Thinking Outside the Box for Retaining Talent.

About Mile High SHRM

Mile High Society for Human Resource Management (Mile High SHRM) is an organization that seeks to educate people in the HR community and improve the industry. They have over a thousand members, from HR practitioners to service providers and even students. All of these people help Mile High SHRM achieve its goal of helping the HR business grow and become better.

One of their main focuses is on helping Human Resources professionals upgrade their skills. The better prepared the employees are, the better the industry will be. To do that, they offer a SHRM Certification Preparation Course, among other things. Through it, students will be prepared by the best teachers to pass the SHRM certification exam. This certification is proof of their great HR skills and will grow their resume.

If you want is to help Mile High SHRM with its goals, then become a member. There are different levels of memberships depending on your professional profile. There’s a General, Professional, Resource Provider, and Student membership. All have their own requirements. Just choose the one according to your skills, and you’ll be able to help them.

There are benefits to all of the memberships. Some of them are discounts for conferences, free Continuing Education group meetings, and a subscription to the online library “Zywave”. There’s also a military discount for active duty military personnel and honorably discharged veterans that are interested in becoming a member. So, you have many tools for you to be a knowledgable and active member of Mile High SHRM.

Thinking Outside the Box for Retaining Talent

Date: April 13, 2023
Time: 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Location: Virtual, Online Webinar

The Thinking Outside the Box for Retaining Talent webinar is the third of a three-part series. In this series of panels, experts discuss the challenges that the pandemic has caused in the Human Resources industry. But even if you haven’t attended the previous conferences, you can still get a lot from this one.

In this third part, they’ll discuss why it’s important to have strong leadership. As well as the strategies that have arisen after the pandemic to retain employees. And the role of DE&I to attract and retain talent.

The approval for 1.5 SHRM and HRCI general credits is pending.

Registration is available until April 13th, 2023. It’s free for members and costs $25 for non-members.


Jahnavi Brenner
Jahnavi Brenner is a leadership and executive coach and a culture and talent HR consultant. She has a lot of studies and experience to back her up. She has a BS in Chemical Engineering by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as a MS on Management and Organization from the University of Colorado Denver. She is also a Certified Professional Coach from iPEC Coaching.

She has worked as a Senior Director of Human Resources at Array BioPharma Inc. She’s also been an Executive Coach for Bright Arrow Coaching & Leadership Development. And is currently an Executive and Leadership Coach and a Talent & Culture Consultant at The Vivid Leader, LLC.

According to her LinkedIn, she works with leaders and executives to help them improve their leadership skills and their companies. She’s an expert in many different areas, including leadership coaching, and inclusion and diversity.

Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson is an author, coach, speake,r and co-founder of CAPE Inclusion. He wrote the book “Diversity and Inclusion Matters”, where he gives you different tools for your organization to improve in the DE&I department. Overall, he’s an expert in coaching executives and creating DE&I programs for companies of different industries. He even created a DE&I program for the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he has an Olympic Sport Leadership Certification from Northwestern University. And he has a Master in Sociology from the University of Wyoming. He’s currently the Senior Advisor on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at CAPE Inclusion, as well as the Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Western Governors University.

David Aragon
David Aragon is a diversity and inclusion professional and a talent development manager. He promotes programs to exalt underrepresented people in any job industry. He defines himself as a “thought leader who aims to drive, align, and scale organizational Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategies with employees, leaders, and executives”.

He has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and in English and Fine Arts from the University of Colorado Boulder. He also got his Master of Arts in Educational Foundations, Policy and Practice at that same university. He even worked there as a Director of the Multicultural Engineering Program, and later as an Assistant Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Learning, and Student Success. He is now a Senior Consultant of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Colorado Access.

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