Mid aged Latin male manager mentor teaching young Asian female worker looking at laptop discussing corporate strategy in teamwork, working on computer in office at international team meeting.

Are you fresh out of college? Or are you already a hard worker but have decided to transition from one work industry to a new one? Whatever the case, to start building your career and become a great professional you need practice.

This will let you get to know the industry better, like all the insights and ways to make your job easier. But do you know what else can help you with this? Mentors!

That’s right. Having a mentor guide you through what’s going to be your new work industry and career will help you tons. But even then, you need to create a good relationship with them and put on your part to get the most out of that mentorship.

With that being said, maybe you’re looking for a mentor or already have one. Or maybe you’re a mentor yourself. Then it’s time for you to check out Mile High SHRM “Making the Most of Your Mentor Relationship” webinar. We’re sure you’ll leave the event with very useful tips to improve your mentorship.

About Mile High SHRM

Mile High Society for Human Resource Management (Mile High SHRM) is an organization founded in 1938 to help Human Resources professionals. They’ve grown so much over the years and still continue to help HR workers, as well as help improve the industry itself.

They do all of this by following their mission, which is: “Engage. Educate. Empower”.

Nowadays, they have over a thousand members from different companies and with different jobs within the industry. Some are directors, some are managers, others are consultants or administrators… So there’s diversity within their members.

To achieve their educational mission, they host different events throughout the year about different HR topics. So you all can learn something new.

They also offer a SHRM certification preparation course. This is to help you prepare the best for the exam to get your SHRM certification. You might be interested in getting this certification, because Mile High SHRM states that it gives the message that you’re a leader.

And that you care about your career. So, if you want it, taking the course would be a great option.

If you like the organization and want to participate in any way, you can become a member! They have a Dual Membership Program, which consists of getting both the Mile High SHRM and the National SHRM Membership when you acquire one.

So, let’s say you get the Mile High SHRM Membership, you’ll also get the other one. This means you’ll also get the benefits offered by the National SHRM Membership. Overall, some benefits you’ll get are free webcasts, discounts for events and access to a career center.

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, January 16th, 2024
Time: 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Location: Online Webinar

Mile High SHRM is aware of the importance of mentoring and the impact it has on both the mentor and the mentee. They believe through good mentorship, both parties can grow as professionals.

But for this to happen, they have to “[…] maximize the effectiveness…” of their mentoring relationship. To do this, they should follow some “key principles”.

That’s exactly what the “Making the Most of Your Mentor Relationship” webinar will teach you. You’ll learn about “[…] the responsibilities of mentors and mentees, common mentoring tools, and self-evaluation assessments essential for any mentoring program”.

You can register now and until the day of the event: January 16th, 2024.


Yvette Costa

Yvette Costa studied a Bachelor of Science in Biology at Penn State University. Then, she got her Master of Business Administration in Marketing. She also became a Professional and Corporate Coaching at iPEC Coaching.

As if this educational background weren’t enough, she also has various certifications. Among those is the “Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner” by iPEC Coaching. The “The Science of Well-Being” by Coursera Course Certificates. And the “Certified Happiness Facilitator” certification by Happiness Studies Academy.

Thanks to her studies, she’s built an amazing career. She worked at Amgen for 14 years! Through that time, she held different job positions, including Associate Director of Marketing, Access and Reimbursement. As well as Executive Director of Regional Sales at Northeast Region.

She was also President of Andromeda Consulting. Years later, she became the Senior Advisor and Consultant at Velocity Advisory Group, where she still works. Since 2017, she’s worked at Full Circle Coaching + Consulting as an Executive Coach.

She’s also an Official Member of Forbes Coaches Council. And she’s on SHRM’s Board of Directors as the Education Co-Director.

As part of her volunteering, she’s an MCAP Coach and a Professional Development Co-Chair at Mile High SHRM.

On her LinkedIn, she states that she works with people and companies “[…] that are interested in creating more mindful, self-aware and emotionally intelligent teams”.

And she says that the services she offers are “Executive Coaching”, “Consulting”, “Speaking”, “Strategic Planning” and “Training/Workshops”.

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