Equal Gender Balance And Parity. Job Pay Equality

Are you a boss, a CEO, an entrepreneur or an employee? Then, gender equality is a must to discuss in your meetings to improve as a professional and your business. Not for nothing is this a topic many people have been discussing nowadays. It affects every aspect of our lives; yes, including the business world.

That’s why it’s so important for companies, employers and employees to dive deeper into. But talking about the problem it’s not the only thing we should do. It’s also about asking for people’s perspectives and looking for solutions.

So, if you’re interested in this topic, we have the perfect recommendation for you. Mile High SHRM will host the “Legal Update: Crack the Code to Workplace Gender Equality: Legal AND Practical Strategies to Level the Playing Field” event. You’ll come out of there being a better professional.

About Mile High SHRM

Mile High Society for Human Resource Management (Mile High SHRM) is an organization looking to improve the Human Resources profession. As well as instruct about the best HR practices. In fact, its mission is: “Engage. Educate. Empower”.

It was founded in 1938 and since then, they’ve grown to over a thousand members! All of which are from different companies and have different job positions. Some are even students and others are transitioning between jobs.

There are directors, vice presidents, consultants, administrators, legal counsels, and more. So, there are different perspectives on the profession and its problems.

They achieve their goals and mission thanks to the events they host in the year to keep educating professionals.

They also have a SHRM certification preparation course. They state that the SHRM certifications “[…] are the only behavioral competency-based programs in the field”.

And that many HR executives recommend getting one, because it means that you’re well prepared to lead and that you care about your profession.

It’s always better to be fully prepared for the certification exam and that’s what this course aims to do. You’ll have an instructor that will prepare you with the best tips and will give you examples of questions that might come on the test.

Overall, the instructor will guide you through the course and any doubt you may have. When you register for the course, you’ll also get the SHRM Learning System. It “[…] combines in-depth HR knowledge with real-life situations to help you master the material…” So it’s the perfect tool to practice for the exam.

If you like this company, their goals and what they have to offer, consider becoming a member. To get the Mile High SHRM membership, you’ll also need to get the National SHRM membership as well. Because this is now considered a Dual Membership Program.

Don’t worry, because both are purchased together. This means you’ll get the benefits of both. Some of those benefits are personalized content, discounts on some SHRM events, a subscription to the online library “Zywave”, and more.

Oh, and if you have a current membership in SHRM, you can apply for the Student Membership. As if this weren’t enough, there’s also an In-Transition Membership for those “[…] pursuing a career in human resources…” that don’t have a job yet.

Event Details

Date: Thursday, January 18th, 2024
Time: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Location: The Workplace Counsel at 1401 Lawrence Street #1600, Denver, Colorado, 80202, United States

Mile High SHRM believes that gender equality is an obligation for all employers. But what they hope is for it to be “[…] a deliberate and ongoing process”. And for this to be a thing, they know they have to commit and become part of the process.

That’s why they created the “Legal Update: Crack the Code to Workplace Gender Equality: Legal AND Practical Strategies to Level the Playing Field” event. In it, they’ll combine personal experiences and solutions.

As well as the “[…] employer’s legal obligations to develop a safe, fair, equal working environment in the modern workplace”.

Of course, the event doesn’t end there. After learning about such important topics, they’ll want you to feel more relaxed, while still discussing the learning and do some networking. That’s why they’ll have a happy hour at around 4:30 pm.

You can register now and until the day of the event: January 18th, 2024. It’s free for members and students, and it costs $30 for non-members.


Stephen Rotter

Stephen Rotter got a Bachelor of Science in Psychological Services at Northwestern University. Years later, he attended University of Denver Sturm College of Law to get his Juris Doctorate. Then, he went onto work as a Human Resources Consultant and Executive Recruiter.

He also worked at the Postal Service Employment Law Department. He then became a Federal Prosecutor. Then, he founded The Workplace Counsel, where he “provides advice and counsel to companies on everyday employment issues…”

He’s also won the Award for Prosecutorial Excellence Office of Inspector General by the United States Postal Service.


Kaley Konecny

Kaley Konecny got an Associate’s degree at Kirkwood Community College. Then she got her bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management at Upper Iowa University. She also has great work experience.

She worked at Nordstrom Direct for nine years in different roles, including Human Resources Assistant and Human Resources Lead. Then, she worked as a Legal Administrator at Elderkin & Pirnie.

All of these before going to work at CORE Consultants, where she started as a HR Manager and is now their HR Director.

On top of that, she’s also a SHRM – Senior Certified Professional. And on her LinkedIn, she lists onboarding, employee relations, recruiting, benefits administration, human resources, and more among her skills.

Kelly Robinson

Kelly Robinson studied at University of Colorado Boulder and has a long work experience in the field of Law. She was an Attorney for Sherman & Howard LLC for a little over fifteen years! In January 2023 she founded her own practice, the Kelly Robinson Law LLC.

She particularly has focused her career on being a Family Law Attorney. And according to her CBA-CLE profile, she deals with all kinds of family law problems, like premarital agreements and divorces.

She also “[…] identifies and tackles the dilemmas business owners, business partners/spouses, and high-income wage earners face in family law disputes”.

Faith Schaberg

Faith Schaberg studied at University of Missouri-Columbia. She also became a Certified Public Accountant by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy. And got a Global Studies Certification at St. Charles Community College.

Besides her great education, she’s also hard working and has built a long career in different companies. Among her different jobs, she’s worked as a Financial Management Scholar at Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

She also worked for KPMG for five years, first as a Senior Associate Auditor and then as their Senior Associate Professional Practice Support. Then, she was a Business Development Manager at Salo, a Korn Ferry company.

All this before becoming the Business Development Manager on the Finance and Accounting team at Korn Ferry.

On her LinkedIn, she states that her “[…] approach is to develop relationships for the long term with individuals and not just companies”. She also aims to “[…] help organizational leaders realize bold ideas, tackle tough challenges, and make an impact–leading to successful business outcomes”.

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