MARC Relocation and Golf Event: The 2023 MARC Community Classic

Looking for a fun and chill mobility and relocation event? We get it, sometimes it’s necessary to remind ourselves that work is enjoyable. Though there are some stressful moments, jobs don’t have to be like that all the time. Actually, there can be moments of learning in a completely relaxed but still professional environment. It’s even more motivational that way, right?

If that’s what you need, MARC has the best solution for you. They’ll soon be hosting a great networking event, where you can still learn a lot from. Just attend their next Golf Classic event and see what the fuss is all about. We’re sure, you won’t regret it.

About MARC

Metro Atlanta Relocation Council (MARC) is an organization whose mission is to help relocation professionals meet constantly to network, educate themselves and share their knowledge. This will help them grow as professionals and understand the industry better, so they’ll serve their clients better.

One way to fulfill their purpose is by hosting different events and meetings throughout the year. These have a wide variety of topics related to the relocation industry and different speakers, each one with their own specialty. They’re also full of activities to learn and network.

If you like the MARC organization, you can become a member. There are different memberships, choose the one that’s better for your professional profile. The Service Membership is for four people per company and it costs $150. The Corporate Membership is also for four people per company and it is complimentary. The Associate Membership is for those in transition or changing jobs and it also costs $150. There’s also a space for Lifetime Members, which is a complimentary membership. You’ll have to submit an application and it’ll have to be approved by the board of directors.

Of course, there are benefits to all members. Some of those are a membership directory and the chance to get CRP credits in some events that are accredited for it. As well as volunteering, online access to information and a directory of service providers, and more.

Golf Classic Event Details

Date: Wednesday, October 4th, 2023 
Time: From 12:00 pm 
Location: Marietta City Club at 510 Powder Springs St SE, Marietta, GA 30064

This event goes hand in hand with the Fall Educational Conference. Why? Because they complement each other. The Golf Classic is more of a networking event. If you want to add more learning conferences, then you can also attend the Fall Educational Conference the next day.

If you choose to attend both days of events, MARC promises “two days of networking, fun and education…” But if you only want to attend The 2023 MARC Community Classic golf event, you can do it. It’s still the perfect opportunity to network with fellow professionals, but you can also learn something from it and from other attendees. You’ll be able to make contacts and maybe even friends by talking about what’s new in the industry, your company, your job, and sharing ideas. All in a relaxing environment and while doing a cool activity: golfing.

The agenda is already planned and it looks very entertaining. Registration will start at 12:00 pm. At 12:30 pm the 18-hole shotgun will begin. Then, the golf clinic, chipping and putting contests will take place at 2:00 pm. This is for all levels, so it doesn’t matter if you’re merely a beginner. Finally, at 5:00 pm the 19th hole mixer and cookout will start.

Since there will be different golfing activities, you’ll have the choice of registering for all of them or just for one. The Foursome package for the 18 Holes has a cost of $500. The Individual Golfer package costs $150. The Clinic – Golf, Chipping, Putting package costs $150. All the golfers and the clinic package “[…] includes the 19th hole mixer and cookout”.

The best of all is that you’ll benefit the MARC Community Outreach Fund by going to the event.

Register now. 

Fluency Corp: Another Fun Way to Improve Your Relocation Skills and Network

If after the event you’re still looking to network with fellow professionals, while improving your relocation skills or gaining new ones, we’re here for you. Fluency Corp offers corporate language classes. which would be great for your professional growth. Why? Because bilingualism is one of today’s most important skills. After all, a lot of companies want to reach international markets. 

Our classes can be for you, for a part of your employees or for your whole work team. This makes every lesson a great environment to network. Since you’ll be networking, you’ll be speaking in your target language, which makes it all better because you’ll work in your fluency. 

We also have native teachers that will help you with your pronunciation, your grammar and all your language goals. They’ll also make sure all your lessons are customized to the job.

If you’re ready to take this next step, choose between our online or on-site lessons and our flexible schedules. For any questions, set up a free consultation with Fluency Corp by writing to us at or (800) 401-3159.