MARC Fall Educational Conference

Has your business implemented a Mobility program or are looking forward to doing that? Then, you need all the information possible on how to succeed. Any strategies, partnership methods, testimonies and all that could help you. You’ll also need to know the mobility industry very well, that includes what’s going on nowadays, some updates.

Events are a great way to learn these kinds of things. In fact, we have the perfect event coming up: MARC’s Fall Educational Conference. We highly recommend you to attend. Maybe it’s a one day event, but you’ll take home a lot of wisdom to put onto work.

About MARC

Metro Atlanta Relocation Council (MARC) is an organization looking to educate relocation professionals in industry matters, especially the current landscape. This way, they’ll be able to help their employees that are being relocated better.

To achieve that mission, they host different relocation and mobility events throughout the year. These events are full of joyful and networking activities and awesome conferences regarding relocation topics.

If you wish to be a part of this organization, you can apply to become a member. You’ll have to submit an application and it’ll have to be accepted by the board of directors. But first, check all their memberships, so you can choose the best one for you. There’s the Service Membership that is for four individuals per company and it has a cost of $150. There’s also the Corporate Membership, which is complimentary and also for four individuals per company. There’s also the Associate Membership , which is for those in transition or changing jobs and it also costs $150. Finally, there’s the Lifetime Members, another complimentary membership.

Of course being a member also comes with many benefits! Some are an annual educational forum, a membership directory and different opportunities to do some volunteering. But there’s more! You can renew membership!

You can also choose to be a sponsor. After all, “sponsorship is available to all MARC members in good standing.” There are three levels of sponsorship to choose from: the silver, the gold and the platinum. All of which have different benefits. Some they share are: the chance of being verbally recognized at meetings, so everyone can know your company. As well as “table space at the MARC ED Forum Trade Show”. It’s a great opportunity for you and your business.


Event Details

Date: Thursday, October 5th, 2023 
Time: From 9:00 am to 12:00 pm 
Location: Hilton Atlanta – Marietta Hotel and Conference Center at 500 Powder Springs St SE, Marietta, GA 30064

The Fall Educational Conference will be about educating yourself and networking with fellow professionals. There will be different sessions and experts talking, so you’ll learn from the best.

The first session is called “The Tee Up – Strategic Programs and Partnering for Success”. This panel will be about the strategies any company needs for their mobility programs to succeed. As well as the partnerships with mobility suppliers that are needed for that same purpose.

The second session is “The Driver Seat – Critical Areas for Future of Work”. It’s not a secret that this industry changes along with the world. That’s why this talk will “[…] explore the developments of Mobility programs in a newly shaped world of relocation”. There will be discussions and information about what to expect on this business from now on. Basically, it’s “[…] an overall outlook of how we do business and engage from a future-forward perspective”.

This event benefits the MARC Community Outreach Fund.

This conference can be complemented very well by the Golf Classic event, which we also talked about here at Fluency Corp. Both events are hosted by MARC and they’ll take place one day after the other. Most importantly, the Golf Classic is more of a networking event, though you will still learn things from it. And this conference is a bit more educational, but there will still be time for networking. See? They’re the perfect combination. You could attend the Golf Classic as a pre-event. Though, of course, it’s not an obligation.

If you’re attending both events, the MARC organization truly recommends The Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel & Conference Center, which overlooks the golf club. There, they’ll also host an educational breakfast on October 5th to start the conference day on the right foot.

Register now. It costs $100 for members and $150 for guests.


Jeanetta Parrish
Jeanetta Parrish studied a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management at Columbia Southern University. And according to her LinkedIn page, she has customer service, employee relations, team building, event planning and, of course, Human Resources skills.

She worked as Cockpit Payroll Analyst at World Airways. She then worked as a EA to President at Delta Global Staffing for more than nine years. All this before working at Delta Air Lines, first as a HR AA and then as a Global Mobility Specialist, her current position. So far, she’s been at Delta Air Lines for a little over nine years.

Charles Ameno

Charles Ameno studied a Bachelor of Arts in American History and Architectural History at Washington and Lee University. He’s also a certified relocation professional by Worldwide Employee Relocation Council.

As he states on his LinkedIn, Ameno has more than twenty years of “[…] experience in building employee mobility programs and driving transformative change”. Among some of his jobs was being a Relocation Manager at United Airlines. Then, he was a Senior Manager at Ernst and Young. He also worked as a Manager of Global Relocation at Chevron for a little over ten years. Now, he’s a Global Mobility Leader at Intuit. He’s also been part of the Houston Relocation Professionals’ board of directors since 2010.

He also states that some of his specialties are tax and regulatory compliance, staff supervision, insourcing and outsourcing, and more.

In 2013, he got the Meritorious Service Award by Worldwide ERC. And in 2022, he won the Distinguished Service Award also granted by Worldwide ERC.

Kristin Faison

Kristin Faison studied a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at George Mason University and a Master of Arts in Professional Studies at Towson University. She also became a Professional in Human Resources by HRCI. Later, she got an Advanced Certificate in Immigration Law Studies by The City University of New York in 2016. As well as her SHRM U.S. Employment Immigration Specialty in 2019, among other certifications. Most recently, she got a GMS-T certification by Worldwide ERC.

On top of all her educational achievements, she also has collected a great work experience. She worked at Engility Corporation as a Program Analyst and later as the Program Analyst Team Lead. Then, she was a Senior Immigration Specialist at Fidelity Investments. She also worked as a Global Mobility Specialist and then a Global Mobility Consultant at AOL before becoming Nestlé’s Global Mobility Consultant. Nowadays, she works as a Senior Manager in Global Mobility at Zendesk.

Oh, and she was just named one of the 2023 Global Mobility Top 100 Diversity Champions!

Educate Yourself on Language Skills to Conquer the Relocation and Mobility World

Though events are a great way to educate yourself more in terms of relocation, you should still learn new skills. Skills that you might think are not related to the industry, but they actually are. One of them is language learning. It makes sense, right? After all, languages are a huge part of the globalized world, therefore, they’ll help you on your global mobility job.

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We also have native teachers, all of whom will help you practice every aspect of the language. Most importantly, they’ll help your language fluency, so you can have a proper conversation. How cool is that!

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