HR Florida State Council Event: The 45th Annual HR Florida Conference & Expo

All Human Resources professionals must always look for ways to network and keep learning about their business. After all, it is an ever-changing industry. There are always things you need to get updated about in order to work better. And networking is always important to make great contacts in this wide, competitive business.

But, is there better way to do all that than by going to your job every day and speaking with your coworkers? Yes! Going to HR events! There you’ll meet new people, learn from the best of the best and get out of your everyday office environment and comfort zone!

So, if you’re looking for the best Human Resources event to do just that, look no more! HR Florida State Council is hosting their annual HR conference and expo for all workers of this industry. We’re not kidding, this event is huge! Attend and watch yourself grow in all areas of your professional life.

About HR Florida State Council

HR Florida State Council is a “volunteer entity” that works as a “state affiliate for SHRM”. They want to educate and connect workers and improve the HR profession.

They do this based on their values that go under the word “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.”, which means “Responsive, Ethical, State of the Art, Professional, Engaging, Credible and Trusted”. That’s all they strive for as an organization. They also host different programs and activities to help professionals improve their skills.

Currently, they have twenty-eight SHRM affiliated chapters, five of which have the Pinnacle Award. That’s a huge honor awarded by SHRM for all those that “enhance the development of effective human resource management”. And all of their chapters have gotten “Superior Merit award status”, also by SHRM.

If you want to volunteer in a leadership position, you must submit a volunteer interest form. There are different positions in the Council. You can be part of the Executive Committee as president, vice president, treasurer, and more. You could be in the Core Leadership Areas as the College Relations Director, Diversity Director, Workforce Readiness Director, and others.

If you prefer, you can be part of the Council Services as the Awards Director, the Social Media Director, the Web Administrator, or more. Or you could also be the District Director. All of the roles have different commitments and responsibilities you’ll have to meet. So, if you’re ready, go for it!

Event Details

Date: August 27th – 30th, 2023
Location: Rosen Shingle Creek Resort at 9939 Universal Boulevard Orlando, Florida

The 45th Annual HR Florida Conference & Expo is the perfect opportunity for those interested and working in the Human Resources industry. They describe it as “one of the largest HR conferences in the southeastern United States…”

As well as “the place to be for professionals to network, grow, and learn about the human resources industry”. This is no joke, as they expect over 1,500 attendees that go from HR professionals to HR vendors.

So, you’ll get to hear many different experts, and discuss and share ideas with a wide variety of HR professionals. That’s awesome because it means you’ll learn different topics and perspectives about this business, which will make you a better worker.

And with so many professionals, you’ll absolutely network with someone, make contacts and maybe even friends.

The event will last four days! All days have a different agenda and times. Sunday, August 27th event will go from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. It will count with pre conference sessions, a conference orientation, the 45th anniversary welcome reception that you can’t miss, and more.

Monday, August 28th will start at 7:00 am up until 11:00 pm. Some of the activities to attend are the different concurrent sessions throughout the day. As well as some masters series, and even a silent disco!

Tuesday, August 29th will start very early at 6:30 am and will end at 11:00 pm. There’s going to be a VIP room open, different concurrent sessions and the SHRM store. As well as some drawings in the Expo Hall, and even a “Tuesday night at the fair”, among other things.

Finally, Wednesday, August 30th will go from 6:30 am to 12:300 pm! There will be more concurrent sessions, the SHRM store, a legal update, and will finish with a general session.

You can also be a sponsor! There are different sponsorship packages to choose from with different benefits for you and your company. For example, for the “Exhibitor” package you’ll get to put the description of your company in the products part of the Conference Guide.

Bronze sponsors will get a “2 month listing on HR Florida Buyer’s Guide”, and so on… Many more sponsorship deals are waiting for you. Remember: the representation your company will get as a benefit from being a sponsor is huge in an event like this.

If you attend, you can also earn maximum credits for the HR Certification Institute. As well as for the SHRM Competencies Certifications.

You can register now. For those that are registering after August 15th, 2023, it will cost $1749.

Keynote Speakers

Cara Brookins

Cara Brookins has a fascinating story of hard work and resilience, so she’s someone you’ll definitely learn from. She worked as a software architect for 20 years. But then she saw herself in need of a place to live to get her life back on track.

So, she decided to build her and her family a house. She did it by watching YouTube videos. That was her only learning material. Did she have other people helping her? Yes, of course! Her four children! Caras’ story took the world by storm and went viral around the world.

With this story, we all can notice she knows a lot about teamwork and working towards a specific goal. Skills that she shows and teaches during conferences now that she’s a keynote speaker and works with many important organizations.

According to her own website, “Cara highlights teamwork, perseverance, and the resilience in each of us to overcome incredible odds”. She also teaches people how to get “[…] unstuck and moving on their projects in business and beyond”.

She’s also the author of her memoir titled “Rise”. If you’re inspired by her, be sure you can do big things too.

In fact, she tells you how in her “Build Something” course to stop procrastinating and keep moving with your projects. As if these weren’t enough resources, she also has a podcast called “The Cara Brookins Show”.

Ryan Leak

Ryan Leak is the Chief Executive Officer of The Ryan Leak Group. He’s also a transformational speaker and an executive coach that wants to help people improve their personal and professional lives. He teaches that through the conferences he gives in different stages.

But he also creates social media content to help his followers. According to him, his content “[…] adds values to people’s lives, careers, relationships, and faith…” It also “[…] equips them with tools to take ownership over their own development”. So, with his help, you’ll get your life to a whole new level and live the way you should.

Besides speaking in events, he also has the course “The Art of Self-Leadership“. Through it, he wants you to define what success is for you, as it might be different for everyone.

So that you can work from there to improve your life and achieve long-lasting results. The course has six modules focused on a different important topic. There are also many video lessons, audio files, worksheets, and more.

He also has a podcast, “Followership”, where he discusses all about leadership and following people. Topics like social media, confidence and success are discussed in different episodes. He also has amazing guests.

That’s not it, Leak is also a best-selling author of the books titled “Chasing Failure” and “Leveling Up”.

Robyn Benincasa

Robyn Benincasa is a woman of many talents. To start, she studied marketing. She was also part “of the first American all-female fire crew” in San Diego, California. On top of that she is an athlete and has been since the age of eight, when she was a gymnast.

She has also practiced other sports, like diving, cross county, and judo. This last one is a sport with which she was part of the U.S. team and made her a national judo champion. She also has done ten Ironman triathlons!

But that’s not all, she has a big love and passion for adventure racing. A sport with which she and her team won the Raid Gauloises World Championships.

One thing led to another, and suddenly she saw herself becoming a motivational speaker thanks to her sports career. Just right after being invited to speak to a conference about her adventure racing team and teamwork.

Now, she’s spoken and motivated many companies, like Starbucks.

Through her talks, she wants to help people “[…]live their dreams and reach even greater heights…” by working efficiently in a team. Working together and sharing each other’s strengths is always a good idea to improve individually and as a team and she knows that.

Benincasa teaches leadership and teamwork skills through her own personal story, which makes it entertaining and unique.

She’s also the founder of The Project Athena Foundation. It is an amazing foundation that “[…] helps women survivors of medical and other traumatic setbacks achieve their adventurous dreams”. They give all the tools necessary for these women to accomplish their dreams, including coaching, travel expenses and motivation.

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