Wind turbines atop grassy hill with EuRA Sustainability Logo

EuRA is an amazing global mobility and relocation organization. It helps thousands of professionals improve their business skills every year. It also helps them be updated with what’s new and important in the industry.

They want to keep improving their company and keep helping you become the best version of your professional self. That’s why they’ll soon be presenting their brand new EuRA Sustainability program.

Nowadays, sustainability knowledge is a very impressive characteristic to add to your resume. So, if you’re one of those workers that wants to improve and work for the best companies ever, you can’t miss this webinar.

About EuRA

European Relocation Association (EuRA) is a non-profit organization for global mobility and relocation matters. They share relocation services and give advice, information and training for their members.

So everyone can get the services they need, or they can keep learning in order to grow in the industry. Because no matter how many years of experience we have, we never stop learning.

They know how much relocation can change a person’s life; that’s why they share relocation services to those who need it. So they help ease the transition for both the relocated employee and the company.

In order to keep maintaining a good organization and not lose focus of their missions, they have a council. The council is made of nine people, plus one President and one Vice-president that keeps everything in order.

This is called The Executive Group. The president and vice-president keep their positions for one year. But if everything goes well the council could invite them to maintain their jobs for a second year.

And the members of the council keep their council duties for two years “on a voluntary basis”. “Each council member represents their local region, ensuring any national issues are addressed on a European level”.

This shows how much they care about keeping their members happy and the relocation industry well organized in all regions.

If you really like them, you can become a member. There are different memberships, so you can choose one depending on your business profile. First, there’s the Full Membership for “service providers and relocation management companies who have been trading for more than two years”.

Then, there’s the Associate Membership for service providers and relocation management companies that have been working in these for less than two years.

Once you’ve surpassed the two years, you can upgrade to a Full Membership. There’s also a Supplier Membership. This is for companies “whose commercial activities are linked to and used by relocation service providers”.

Something great about this membership type is that supplier members can be from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re not from Europe.

Don’t forget that being a member comes with high responsibilities, but also great benefits for you! Some benefit examples are being on their website, which is great for marketing and getting more recognition. As well as an amazing discount for their incredible MIM Training programmes.

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, September 5th, 2023
Time: 16:00 CET
Location: Online Webinar

Sustainability is a very important topic these days for every person and all job industries. Global mobility and relocation business aren’t the exception. As a relocation company EuRA wants to lead by example and share their sustainability knowledge and progress in that area.

That’s why they’ll host the “ESG Briefing” webinar, where they’ll give you an update briefing about their Sustainability Programme. As well as the launch of their “White Paper – ‘How to be a Sustainable DSP’”.

During this webinar they’ll give all attendees an introduction to a “Sustainability Training Series” they’ll soon have. This series will be led by Johan de Kam, EuRA’s Primary Trainer.

Don’t miss the webinar if you want to know what’s going on in sustainability for relocation and what EuRA has to offer on this important topic. You won’t regret it.

You can register now. It’s free for members and costs $50.00 EUR (without VAT) for non-members.


Maura Carey Dwellworks

Maura Carey is the Vice President of Content and Research and the Lead of the ESG Initiative at Dwellworks. She’s been working there for a little bit over ten years. Before she was their Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer. But before that, she studied a Bachelor of Arts in English at UC Irvine and a Master of Arts in English at University of California.

She also has a lot of job experience that led her to where she’s at now. She worked as a Vice President of Strategic Sales Support at SIRVA. She was also the Principal Client Management Lead of Global Mobility Practice at Hewitt Associates. As well as a SVP of Strategy at Brookfield Global Relocation Services, among other jobs.

Martina Meinhold

Martina Meinhold is the founder and Managing Director of Management Mobility Consulting and has been for twenty-seven years. Before that she gained experience working at Scientific Consulting as a Senior Management Consultant.

According to her LinkedIn, she studied at Fachhochschule Reutlingen and at NEOMA Business School. She also became a Managing International Mobility (MIM) Fellow by the EuRA Academy.

Meinhold has also won many different awards throughout the years. In 2015, she won the Re:locate Award for Best International Destination Services Provider. In 2017, she got the Innovation & Excellence Award for Excellence in Relocation Management Services by Corporate Livewire.

Her most recent honor has been the Re:locate Award for Destination Services Provider of the Year in 2019. There are other recognitions that prove she’s great at what she does and is an excellent professional to learn from.

Marco Previero

Marco Previero studied a Bachelor of Science in Economics at University of Buckingham. He also studied a Master of Business Administration in Strategy and Financial Strategy at OU Business School. Most recently, he got a Master of Arts in Creative Writing at City, University of London.

He also has gotten great job experience. He worked as a Senior Manager at KPMG. He was also Tax Director at Ernst & Young before becoming the Finance Director and Co-founder of R3Location Limited. He’s been at this job for the last twelve years.

Previero and his Co-founder had led their company to be a “[…] multiple-award winning business…” So he has a great idea on how to manage a successful relocation related company.

Johan de Kam

Johan de Kam studied a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management at Coventry University. There, he also got his Linguae Mundi Certificate in Foreign Language Teaching. Then he studied a PhD in Education at University of Warwick.

He has also worked for those two universities he studied at. He was a Dutch Language Teacher at Coventry University for two years before becoming their Trainer Assistant for Linguae Mundi.

At that job he helped develop the “Linguae Mundi Training Programme into a successful teacher training program for student centered language learning”.

Then, he started working at University of Warwick, where he has got different job positions through the seven years he’s been there. Right now, he’s their PhD Researcher.

He describes himself as an “educator/trainer, researcher and consultant specialised in issues pertaining to global mobility of employees”.

He was also the 2022 EMEA EMMAs winner for the “Best Global Mobility Sustainability Initiative of the Year”.

Tad Zurlinden

Tad Zurlinden is the European Relocation Association (EuRA) CEO and the ARP CEO. He’s been at EuRA since its foundation in 1998, so he has worked there for twenty-five years.

His story with EuRA goes way back to 1996, when he “was part of the original Steering Group charged with undertaking the feasibility studies of the viability of a pan-European relocation organisation”.

Later, in 2001, he was “[…] part of the original 2001 Steering Group charged by the industry to set up the European Academy of Relocation Professionals, or EARP…”

In 2011 he won the Relocation Personality of the Year Award granted by Re:Locate Magazine.

Then in 2016, he was awarded the “Outstanding Contribution to the Relocation Industry Award at the ARP 30th Anniversary & Awards Dinner…”. These awards are just another proof of his amazing work in this industry.

Dominic Tidey

Dominic Tidey will be the moderator of the event. He is the Chief Operating Officer at EuRA. He’s also the Operations Manager at Association of Relocation Professional and EuRA. But before that he also had more work experience.

According to his LinkedIn, he worked as the “[…] Adult Services Course Co-ordinator for East Sussex Education Authority in conjunction with The Frances Taylor Foundation”.

He helped develop the EuRA Global Quality Seal and the Oxford Brookes Relocation Coaching Programme.

Before that, Tidey studied a LLB in Law at the University of East Anglia. That’s the same university where he got his Master of Arts in Social Work and Policy.

He describes himself as “passionate about the importance of cross-cultural knowledge within our industry and its profound impact on families in transition …” This is great, because as we know, culture is a huge make or break deal for relocation.

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