Global Workforce Symposium 2022

If you’re a global mobility professional you know you have to stay up to date with how your industry changes. And with the impact of the pandemic and new technology, this has become strictly necessary. The way everything works and you connect with people and clients has definitely changed. And it will keep changing as the world evolves.

So, as a professional, you have to keep learning all the time. Worldwide ERC understands this, and that’s why they are hosting their “Worldwide ERC Game On 2022 Global Workforce Symposium”. Where you’ll have the chance to discuss ideas and keep learning from other mobility experts. If you’re attending, here’s all the information you need to understand how it will work, and what you’ll get from it.

About Worldwise ERC

Worldwide ERC is an organization for everything that has to do with talent management and global mobility. Formerly known as Employee Relocation Real Estate Advisory Council (ERREAC), Worldwide ERC has years of experience that backs them up. They started in 1964 with just six members, and have grown a lot from there. Nowadays they have thousands of corporations and members from all across the globe.

They have a Three-Year Strategic Plan. First, they have the “engage” step, where they invite and connect professionals with curiosity about this industry. Then there’s the “inspire” step, where they increase the professionalism, knowledge and efficiency of the industry. And, finally, they have the “educate” step, where they instruct knowledge about the mobility business by informing, training, and creating meetings.

You can be a member of Worldwide ERC! They have three different memberships depending on your needs. There’s the “Professional/Personal (PERC™) Membership” for “the job seeker, an academic, a person in-between jobs”, and mobility, relocation, and real estate employees. There’s also the “Corporate Premier Membership” for “in-house practitioners […] within the HR departments of corporations, government and military”. And there are the “Service Provider Memberships” for “companies that want to market their services within the workforce mobility industry”. Each membership has different benefits, like being part of the mobility magazine, discounts for events, and more.

But if you want to learn more about the global mobility industry, then you should check their learning portal. There, they have different “learning paths”. These are small courses focused on different things, from remote work to diversity, equity and inclusion for professionals in the mobility business. They also have webinars.

They also offer a Certified Relocation Professional Certification (CRP) that’ll prove that you’re a true professional and understand the United States mobility business. And there’s also a Global Mobility Specialist, Talent Management certification to learn more and become an expert of this field.

Worldwide ERC Global Workforce Symposium 2022 Details

The Worldwide ERC Global Workforce Symposium 2022 will focus on the mobility industry and the changes it has faced in recent years. Through their sessions, they’ll encourage professionals to “address issues and face the challenges resulting from the pandemic and changes in technology”.

There will be more than 200 companies, and more than 50 sessions to learn from. The topics are varied, from immigration policies to tax issues. In their own words, attendees will leave the symposium with a “game plan for how your organization positions itself as a leader in workforce mobility”.

Date: October 25th – October 28th, 2022
Location: Wynn Las Vegas at 3131 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA

On October 25th, their agenda will start at 11:00 am with the registration to the event. Sessions will start at 1:00 pm, and there will be many to choose from. Like the “Corporate Strategy & Networking Corporates”, or the different “Worldwide ERC Public Policy Forum Meetings”. From 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm there will be an orientation for the first-time attendees. If you’re going, don’t miss the welcome back party from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

For the rest of the days, registration will open at 8:00 am. And there will be different activities, as well as a variety of sessions and panels of experts to attend. For example: on October 26th there will be a one-hour bootcamp starting at 7:00 am. And that same day, at 9:00 am, there will be a welcome and keynote speaker Eric Boles. On October 27th there will be a “Today’s Pet and How They Travel” session at 2:15 pm and a Happy Hour at 4:30 pm. Among many activities and conferences.

Check all of their agenda; you want to be as informed as possible to choose which panels to see.

Oh, and there will be more than 90 speakers! All experts in the global mobility and relocation industry. From relocation directors – like Tess Chaney, a relocation director at Sotheby’s International Realty – to companies’ founders – like Liam Brennan, founder of Tracker Software Technologies. Read all about each of the speakers.

If you’re going to attend, take advantage of the Continuing Education credits that the symposium offers.

Though registration has ended, you should keep an eye on their next Global Workforce Symposium 2023 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Language Learning as a Way to Improve the Global Mobility and Relocation Industry

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