EuRA USA Reception 2022

Today’s society is getting more and more globalized by the day. There are more and more ways to connect with other people, and companies are always looking to go into international markets.

You probably know this very well if you are a part of the Human Resources and relocation and global mobility industry because you deal with people moving due to their jobs all the time. So, you have to constantly learn new ways to help companies and their employees during those processes.

If that’s your case, a great way to improve your relocation business skills is by learning from coworkers. You can do this if you attend The European Relocation Association’s next reception in Las Vegas. Where you’ll get to meet other HR and global mobility professionals.

About The European Relocation Association

The European Relocation Association (EuRA) is a non-profit relocation services organization that seeks to improve the industry. They have many years of experience helping companies and their employees successfully transition when relocating.

They offer advice to relocation professionals, as well as advice and training to those new to the industry. They also organize conferences and events for professionals to network, allowing them to discuss ideas and keep learning.

Their mission is “to be the benchmark for education, innovation, and best practice in the most sustainable way possible”. As well as, “empowering our members to achieve their full potential and become leaders within the Global Mobility industry”.

One of their main objectives is to “create a professional framework within which the relocation industry can grow and develop”. All while encouraging high-level services.

EuRA offers a Managing International Mobility (MIM) Training Programme. This program helps equip employees with expertise and tools to provide clients with high-level service. They also have MIM+ Training for continuing education.

They also offer the EuRA Global Quality Seal Plus for their members. This is an accreditation for relocation providers that values them as excellent at their jobs. It has been created by EuRA members themselves.

Good news: you can become a member! All members appear on EuRA’s website for people to find you. Members also have free access to the MIM Training programmes. They have different memberships, so you can choose the one that applies the best to your profile: full, associate, or supplier membership. If you’re an associate member, you can upgrade to full membership after more years of experience.

EuRa USA Reception Details

Don’t miss this event! The USA Reception 2022 is their first USA reception since before the pandemic in 2019.

Date: Thursday, October 27th, 2022
Start: 6:30
Location: The Venetian at 3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, 89109Cost: There have free places, but they’re gone now. Nonetheless, you can go for just $40 if you’re a member, or $60 if you’re not a member. It’s still free for you if you’re a delegate for their EuRA Global 2022 in Costa Rica.

You can register here.

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