The Global Employee Internship Programme

As a relocation and mobility professional, you’re probably in constant learning. After all, your job evolves as the world does so and that’s a lot. There are always new ideas, new information and new technology that helps relocation businesses, and you have to learn about them. This also means you have to know all the new programs that are shaping the relocation and global mobility industry. Especially those that help you connect with international partners and clients, as this industry is always in touch with globalized and cross-cultural topics.

EuRA has the perfect program you must learn now: The Global Employee Internship Programme. But don’t worry and don’t get stressed, they also have the perfect event for you to learn about this program. You’ll learn from experts and from experienced-based talks. Don’t miss it!

About EuRA

The European Relocation Association (EuRA) is an organization that educates and trains relocation and global mobility professionals to help improve the industry. You can benefit from EuRA’s support whether you’re already an expert of the business or a newbie.

They have many different objectives as a company, some of which are to have and promote a high level of service and to disseminate information about the industry. As well as “to encourage the development of a professional relocation qualification”.

EuRA members guide the organization by their values, which are compassion, integrity, teamwork, sustainability, diversity, and non-profit.

They have their very own “[…] accreditation programme for relocation providers”, which also happens to be the first one of its kind in the world! It’s called Global Quality Seal Plus. They claim that those that are EGQS+ certified are known for their high-level skills in relocation matters. So you could really consider getting it if you want to improve your knowledge and have the certification to back it up.

If you like what this organization stands for, don’t hesitate in becoming a member. There are three different membership types to choose from. There’s the Full Membership for “[…] destination service providers and relocation management companies …” that have over two years of experience. There’s also the Associate Membership, which is also for destination service providers and relocation management companies. But in this case, they must have less than two years of experience. Don’t worry, because they can upgrade to the Full Membership once they pass the two years. Finally, there’s the Supplier Membership for “[…] companies whose commercial activities are linked to and used by relocation service providers”.

Event Details

Date: Thursday, October 26th, 2023
Time: 16:00 CET
Location: Online Webinar

The “The Global Employee Internship Programme” event is to learn about how The Global Employee Programme works. You’ll also learn “[…] what the experience was like for a candidate and the host company”. 

But really, what is the “The Global Employee Internship Programme”? Global Employee is a bunch of relocation and immigration companies. They aim to help employees and other companies all around the world with topics related to the industry. Just look at their mission slogan, which is: “We connect relocation talents worldwide”. Their internship programme is a “[…] project to support relocation providers in setting up internships with providers in other countries…”

You can register now. It’s free for members and costs $50 EUR for non-members.


Markus Demuth  

Markus Demuth has a great mobility education. He got a Diploma Masters in International Moving at FIDI Academy. He also became a Strategic Talent Management and a Global Mobility Specialist by Worldwide Employee Relocation Council. Then, he studied Managing International Mobility and later Coaching Approaches in Mobility at EuRA Academy.

He also has great experience in the business. He first was a General Manager at SIRVA Worldwide Relocation & Moving. He also worked for eleven years as a Managing Partner at Palladium Mobility Group. In 2010, he founded BLUE global relocation, which he still owns. And in 2019, he became the Platform Founder at Global Employee Program, where he still works at. On top of that, he’s an Executive Board Member of EuRA.

Some of the skills he says he has are negotiation, immigration, HR consulting, and more.

Rohit Kumar 

Rohit Kumar describes himself as an “experienced Managing Director…” and a “strong entrepreneurship professional with more than twenty years of experience…” But before gaining all his work experience, he got his MBA in Business Administration and Management at Symbiosis Institute of Business Management.

He’s been working at IKAN Relocation Services India for 27 years! He’s now their Managing Director and Owner of Mobility Business. This work experience has given him a lot of useful skills, some he says he has are negotiation, HR consulting, executive pay, and more. On his LinkedIn, he also lists destination services, corporate relocation, global mobility, start-ups, entrepreneurship, expatriate management, and others as skills and areas of knowledge.

In 2021, he was recognized as the relocation professional of the year by the APAC EMMAs.

Edit McAlister

Edit McAlister got a master’s degree in Philology and Training in European Union Studies at JATE University. She also became a Cultural Manager at ELTE University. And got an Online Marketing Diploma at Online Marketing Academy.

She also has a great working experience backing her up. McAlister was a Conference Coordinator at Women in the Heart of Europe international conference. She also worked as a Key Account Manager and worked as that for different companies over the years, including Imagine Creative Consulting. Then, she started working as a Communications Director and, according to her LinkedIn, has been doing that for ten years. She’s also Head of Marketing and Communications at Inter Relocation, where she’s been working for nine years. On top of that, she’s the Editor in Chief at Expat Press Magazine.

McAlister has also given herself time to volunteer. One of her current volunteers is being an Editor-project coordinator at North American Women’s Association.

Dr Carmelina Lawton-Smith  

Dr. Carmelina Lawton-Smith studied a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She’s also PG certified in Coaching and Mentoring Practice by Oxford Brookes University. She also got a PG certification in Teaching in Higher Education from that same university. As if that weren’t enough, she became a Doctor of Coaching and Mentoring in Leadership Resilience also at the Oxford Brookes University.

Not only does her education backs her up as a great professional, but also her work experience. She worked as a Customer Account and Services Manager at AC Nielsen Marketing Research for seven years. Then, she was the Project Isidore Trainer and Communications Support at University of Oxford. Currently, she’s an Associate Lecturer and Consultant for Oxford Brookes University, where she’s been for 17 years. She’s also a Coaching and Development Specialist at Finch Training Services and has been for 27 years! She’s also EuRA’s Strategic Consultant for Education. 

Dom Tidey

He got a LLB in Law at University of East Anglia and a MA in Social Work and Policy at the same university. As for the work experience, he was a Publications Manager at the Association of Relocation Professionals. He is now the Operations Manager of the European Academy of Relocation Professionals. He also worked as Operations Manager for EuRA and was later promoted to Chief Operating Officer, his current position.

On his LinkedIn, he states that he has helped develop the Global Quality Seal of EuRA and the MIM training. He also states he’s “[…] passionate about the importance of cross cultural knowledge within our industry and it’s profound impact on families in transition…”

Some of the skills he lists are negotiation, corporate relocation, employee relations, human resources, change management, among others.


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