Discuss Salary Expectations in Spanish

You’ve passed the seemingly endless process of getting a new job, and you’ve gotten hired by your international dream company? Or you’ve interviewed many candidates with Spanish skills and finally found THE ONE? Congrats! Spanish is a language that many companies want their employees to be fluent at. Because they can grow into a new big market. It’s also the official language of many countries that a lot of people want to work in. So, we know how hard it is to find the perfect employee and company for bilingual jobs. But now it’s time to discuss the salary!

Wage talks are already a sensible subject to discuss, and if the conversation is in Spanish, it can be even more complicated. You might already have a good level of this language. But even then, it’s complicated to know the jargon for salary discussions in Spanish. Don’t worry, though. We’re here to teach you basic and important words and phrases to discuss your salary expectations in Spanish.

Tips to Succeed at a Salary Discussion in Spanish

  • Research and learn some Spanish words and phrases about salary, money and business before going to the interview. Wage talks can have very specific words, like “rango salarial”, that you must know to have a proper conversation with your recruiter/candidate.
  • Write down your goals and offers for the meeting. How much payment will you ask for? If they give you an offer, how would you accept it or negotiate it? What salary range are you willing to accept? Consider different options that may happen and write down your responses to that. Going into the meeting with the knowledge of what you want and are willing to offer, will make you discuss better.
  • Practice before-hand. We already told you to memorize some words and phrases. But talking about salary and money can make people nervous sometimes and mess with their fluency and memory. So, it’s better if you practice a Spanish salary conversation before the real one happens. You can sit down with a friend and ask him to play the role of the recruiter or candidate. And you practice as yourself. It will help you be more confident in the real meeting.
  • Don’t panic if you forget how to say a word in Spanish. One word or phrase won’t ruin the whole meeting. People understand that bilingualism is hard and therefore you may forget one or two words. If this happens, just say the word in your native language if you know that the other person speaks it. Or even better, try to describe in Spanish the word or idea that you’re trying to express. This will show that you have great problem-solving skills even in another language.

Spanish Vocabulary to Discuss Salary

Are you looking to apply to a Spanish company? Or are you going to interview a Hispanic candidate for your international/bilingual position? Then, you need to know at least the basic Spanish words about salary. So both parties can discuss this topic freely and honestly and be happy with the payment agreement. To help you out, here are some Spanish words you’re probably going to use when talking about salary. They work for both recruiters and candidates.

  • Rango salarial – Salary rank
  • Expectativa salarial – Salary expectation
  • Salario – Salary
  • Abierto (a) – Open
  • Negociable – Negotiable
  • Flexible – Flexible
  • Entrevista – Interview

But you also need to learn some Spanish questions and answers. Because memorizing single words won’t do all the work. So, here’s a very important and common question you might hear or ask during an interview; we added different answers.

  • Dígame, ¿cuáles son sus expectativas salariales? / Tell me, what are your salary expectations?
  • Mi rango salarial es flexible / My salary rank is flexible.
  • Estoy abierto(a) a discutirlo / I’m open to discuss it.
  • Podemos negociarlo / We can negotiate it.
  • Mi rango salarial es negociable / My salary rank is negotiable.

In every language there are some basic expressions that work as answers, goodbyes and more, such as “hello” (hola) or “very good” (muy bien). These words also work in different situations, like being at a party, at the doctor, or at a job interview. That’s why we leave you with some of the most basic Spanish expressions you need to know. You’ll probably use these with a recruiter, a candidate, or even at any business meeting.

  • This one is perfect to answer something positively or affirm something with a lot of strength.
    Por supuesto / Of course
  • This next one is usually used to remark that the result of something was extremely good. For example, when you get an A+ on your exam or when the marketing strategy goes just as you expected. It’s also used as an extremely positive answer to how you are or how you feel.
    Excelente / Excellent
  • Finally, this one is perfect to say goodbye and end a conversation or interview with a lot of respect. It shows that you were aware that the other person took some time off their busy day to spend it with you. And it doesn’t matter if it was part of their job to spend time with you to make the interview. It’s still important to show that you are grateful for that; it reveals your education and values. The phrase can be used by recruiters or possible workers, though it’s usually said by the candidates.
    Gracias por su tiempo / Thank you for your time

Become Fluent in Spanish to Get the Salary that You Deserve

Now that you know some Spanish vocabulary for wage talks and job interviews, you can apply for your dream job. Or start the Spanish interviews to make sure you hire the best bilingual employee. But this is just one part of what you can learn with us. If you really want to excel as a Spanish speaker, you need even more knowledge and practice. And we can help you with that!

Here at Fluency Corp, we have the best Spanish classes for you and your teamwork! Our classes go beyond a normal school Spanish lesson, because we customize our programs to the job and your needs. And because we are aware that you and your teamwork have a busy agenda, we offer online or onsite classes. As well as flexible schedules. So you can choose what accommodates better for you and your company.

Learning with us will make you fluent. And having great Spanish skills will help you get a better salary. Check our testimonies to learn more about how we’ll make you speak Spanish to impress in your business.

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