Spanish for Human Resources

Four-Part HR Webinar Series

Follow along with our Spanish for Human Resources webinar series. In each webinar, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and practice Spanish vocabulary and pronunciation specific to the human resources field. You’ll also review common questions, answers, and phrases human resources professionals will encounter in their day-to-day tasks on the job. It’s important to be able to relate to employees and provide them with the tools, resources, and support they need to perform well. Review and practice to become more familiar with the Spanish language in HR.

Part One – Experience

This webinar is all about talking to potential job candidates about their experience. How does their experience position them for success in this new role? You’ll learn vocabulary specific to experience and participate in common questions and answers you might cover in the interview process.

Part Two – Salary Expectations

Discussing salary expectations is a delicate conversation. Don’t let language barriers get in the way! Become familiar with the types of questions you need to ask candidates in Spanish, to understand if their salary expectations align with what your organization is prepared to offer.

Part Three – Schedule & Change of Residence Availability

When can your employee start? Learn Spanish vocabulary and phrases for discussing schedule availability and change of residence availabity for job candidates.

Part Four – Review + Questions & Answers

Practice and review is what helps you speak in Spanish with confidence. In the final webinar, you will review all the vocabulary we have learned so far. You’ll follow along to practice pronunciation and vocalize questions and answers – all relevant to what you’ll use every day as a human resources professional.

Get More Info About Our HR Language Training Program

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