They call it the Emerald City – and for good reason. The Pacific Northwest’s jewel city, Seattle, is perfectly situated amongst water, mountains and evergreen forests. An outdoor lover’s playground, endless miles of greenery make for a beautiful landscape year-round. Skiers, hikers and bikers flock here to take advantage of all the sophisticated city has to offer.

If you’re into tech, all the better as it’s home to industry leaders Microsoft and Amazon. Starbucks (yes, it’s true there is one on every corner), Nordstrom, Costco and Boeing also headquarter out of the city, making for a strong economy. The University of Washington Huskies, Seattle Mariners and Seattle Seahawks keep sports aficionados well-occupied.

Much has been written about Seattle’s constant rainy weather. We won’t belabor the point here as it’s quite possible that’s what the city is most known for. For some people, the rain is a deal-breaker and they do move on to sunnier climates. For other residents, though, it simply doesn’t phase them or they even prefer it (after all, how else would the city stay so green?). Before you move here, you’ll want to ask yourself what you’re used to and if you think you’ll be compatible with constant rain. For die-hard Seattle-ites, the lush scenery and abundance of outdoor options outweigh a wet climate. If you decide it’s for you, read on for what the city has on offer in terms of neighborhoods.


The beloved Green Lake neighborhood in north central Seattle is a mecca for swimmers, bikers, joggers and dog walkers who frequent the surrounding trail and park near the freshwater lake. A close-by Whole Foods and Woodland Park Zoo rounds out the locale. It makes a good choice for those with higher incomes or new college graduates who can share the rent on one of the many townhomes or condos within walking distance to the lake. Young, sporty professionals will do well here as it’s all about getting outside and being active in this neighborhood, rain or shine!


If you crave art and some generally funky vibes, Fremont is for you. Festival and markets galore, you will never be bored here. Creative, beatnik types will soak up the First Friday Artwalks and assorted galleries, not to mention the vegan bakeries. Those seeking constant stimulation and an active social scene will fit right in here. And visits to the Fremont Troll are, of course, obligatory.


A well to do, lovely neighborhood perched on the highest hill in Seattle, it remains prime real estate in the city with great views of the Space Needle and Mount Rainier. Good for long walks through the hilly residential streets as well as up and down Queen Anne Avenue for dinner or some light shopping, it’s best suited for those wanting a quieter and more comfortable pace of life while still being close to downtown.


High-earning techies and the like will be drawn to suburbs like Bellevue, Medina, Kirkland and Issaquah. Larger shopping malls like the popular Bellevue Collection, good schools, breweries and wineries galore make these neighborhoods attractive options for those wanting something right outside the city.


Known for its music scene and alternative lifestyles, the notorious Capitol Hill neighborhood is also home to Seattle University. An active nightlife is to be had here, with movie theatres, music venues, bars and restaurants. During the day, explore record stores, coffee shops and funky, second-hand boutiques. You can also stretch out in one of the surrounding parks. If you like to express your individuality and prefer unique fashion statements, you’ll feel right at home here.

A final note: some people will warn you about the “Seattle Freeze,” a phenomenon that states it’s difficult for outsiders to make inroads into the city’s social scene. We say to take a measured view of it, and while if there’s some truth to it, like any new place, you’ll also get what you put into it.

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