FIZZ restaurant patrons - NTRA Happy Hour Membership Event

Ready for an amazing work event coming your way? We know how hard you’ve worked so far this year. And there’s probably still more hard work ahead of you. We’re sure you’re grateful for it and excited to tackle it. Nonetheless, you still deserve a chill and fun time at work, don’t you think?

But is that even possible? Well, yes! That’s what happy hour events are for. To be able to have a relaxing time, while networking with fellow professionals and improving your business skills.

NTRP knows that and that’s why they invite you to their next “Happy Hour Membership Drive” event. So if you’re looking for the perfect relocation business, totally cool event, this is for you. Check it out!

About NTRP

North Texas Relocation Professional (NTRP) is an organization that educates and gives networking opportunities for relocation professionals. They also support charities, as they care about their community. In fact, they have three main goals: Networking, education and outreach. All of this is reflected in their mission: “Driving Mobility with Purpose in North Texas!”

They have a long history that backs up their amazing work and experience. NTRP was born in 1989 under the “Dallas Women in Relocation” name. And the first networking event ever happened in 1991. The next year, they changed the name to Dallas Relocation Professionals, so they could include men.

But then, they merged with North Texas Relocation Council and became the organization and forum we know nowadays.

They state they’re appropriate for “Corporate Relocation Professionals”, “Relocation Management Company”, “Household Goods Moving & Storage”, “Residential Real Estate Brokerage”. Among other relocation corporations and relocation service sectors.

As for their charitable work, right now they support the Worldwide ERC Foundation and Interfaith Housing Coalition. They also offer scholarships for at least two high school seniors that meet certain requirements. This includes having been relocated more than 50 miles because of their parents’ relocation.

The 2024 applications for the scholarship are now open, so hurry up; the deadline is April 1st.

Do you want to know a cool thing about them? They have their very own annual Saul Gresky Awards. This award is granted to a corporate or relocation service professional that achieves the high standards of the industry and the expectations of these awards.

That includes someone that has great customer service, keeps the good image of the profession, and inspires other relocation professionals to support each other.

Good news! You can actually nominate whoever you think is the perfect relocation professional to receive the next Saul Gresky Award. And nominations for this year’s awards are up; just fill the form.

If you like what this organization stands for, become a member! There are different membership levels, so you can choose the best one for you. The Corporate Member is free, and it lasts for an unlimited period of time. The Member level costs $75, and it lasts for a year.

The Professional Member level also costs $75 and lasts one year. Oh, and of course there are benefits of being a member, including meetings to earn CRP credits and access to an on-line directory.

On top of that you can also be a sponsor. For this, you must also be a member. There are two kinds of NTRP Sponsorship packages, one for $1000 annually and one for $500 annually. There are different benefits of being a sponsor. Such as appearing on the NTRP website’s sponsors page and getting invited to the annual sponsor appreciation event.

Event Details

Date: Thursday, February 29th, 2024
Time: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Location:FIZZ at 3310 Dallas Pkwy #115, Plano, TX 75093

NTRP is excited “[…] to have the opportunity to connect with others in the industry and #unite…” That’s why the “NTRP Happy Hour Membership Drive” is all about having a good time, while improving your relocation business skills.

This means you’ll get to do a lot of networking! Which is a great opportunity to make new, important contacts for work, share ideas about the industry and increase your knowledge.

And who knows? Maybe you’ll make some friends too.

Everything is well organized for you to enjoy. They’ll start with a corporate roundtable to discuss what’s going on in the relocation industry. After that, it’s time for the “[…] membership drive Happy Hour”.

They believe this is your event “if you are looking for a beaching good time…” They even encourage you to attend with your best “beach attire”.
There’ll be a Cash Bar with “1 drink ticket & lite bites provided”.

Register now.

Have Fun Learning a New Skill for Your Relocation Career

You just registered for a new event to keep updated on the relocation industry while having a great time. Cool! Now it’s time for us to tell you our secret on something good that you can do for your career that’s also fun. Learn a new language! Though, if we’re honest it’s not that much of a secret, right?

Bilingualism is a highly demanded skill for any job. This is because of the globalized world we live in nowadays. Everything and everyone are connected, so founders want to make sure their companies can reach international markets as well. And employees that know a second or third language are valuable for that.

That being said, imagine how much a new language would impact in your relocation and mobility career! After all, you deal with clients and employees from different countries with different cultures and languages. You’d make them feel comfortable in their relocation process.

If that’s something you’re interested in, Fluency Corp can help you! We offer online or onsite corporate language training for you and your employees. Classes are customized to the job and needs, and they’re instructed by a native teacher. So you can make sure that you’ll learn truly useful things you’ll apply in real life.

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