NTRP Event: Summer Social Event at Top Golf

Did you know that having fun social events at work is incredibly important? Think about it. Employees, bosses and experts of the industry will get to coexist in a relaxing environment, so they’ll have a great time. These kinds of events will make professionals associate work with fun.

More importantly, it’s the perfect opportunity for networking. And every industry needs some networking time to discuss ideas, share wisdom and experiences and make important contacts.

If that’s what you’re looking for and you work in relocation, NTRP has the next great Summer Social Event at Top Golf. You won’t feel like you’re working. So be sure not to miss it.

About NTRP

North Texas Relocation Professionals (NTRP) is a forum for the best relocation education and networking experiences. So even the ones that are already professionals of the industry can get something from NTRP.

To achieve that, they host different events with diverse relocation topics throughout the year. You can learn and network in these events.

They also support their community by donating to important causes, like in 2022 when they donated furniture to Interfaith Family Services. They also offer scholarships to some “north Texas area high school seniors”.

Of course, there are certain requirements students must meet to get the scholarship, including having been “relocated more than 50 miles”.

If you like this organization, you can become a member. There are different membership levels, you can choose whichever suits your profile the best. The Corporate Member is for free, and you’ll get an unlimited subscription period.

There’s also the Member level, which costs $75 dollars, and it lasts one year. Or choose the Professional Member for $75 dollars and 1 year of subscription period.

In all memberships you’ll get different benefits. Such as the opportunity to earn CRP credits through their meetings and access to an on-line directory to connect with the NTRP members.

Event Details

Date: July 20th, 2023
Time: 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Location: Top Golf at 3760 Blair Oaks Dr, The Colony, TX 75056

The “NTRP Summer Social Event at Top Golf” is all about having a fun afternoon while networking with fellow professionals.

You can also have the chance to be a sponsor for this event. The benefits you’ll get as a sponsor are exposure on their social media and website and “company brand scrolling nonstop during the event”.

You’ll also have the chance to “setup an area”, so you can give information about your company to whoever approaches. If you do decide to make your company a sponsor, registration will include one entry to the event. Sponsorship costs $250.

Registration for the event is open. It’s free for corporate members, costs $50 for members and $60 for non-members.

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