Mile High SHRM In-Person - 2023 HR Conference

Are you a Human Resources professional? Then you know all the constant learning you need to do in order to adapt to this ever-changing industry. But not all knowledge comes from a book; you should also attend conferences to learn from fellow professionals.

Maybe you’re interested in learning better ways of dealing with clients. Perhaps you want to know some tips and tricks on how to optimize and improve your teamwork skills. Or maybe you want to upgrade your own language skills to improve in the business. Whatever the case, we invite you to attend the Mile High SHRM’s “In-Person – 2023 HR Conference”.

There you’ll listen to many HR experts talk about different important topics. Want more? If you do, you’ll learn from Fluency Corp’s CEO: Micah Bellieu!

About Mile High SHRM

The Mile High Society of Human Resource Management (MH-SHRM) is an organization that aims to help HR professionals in Denver. They want to “develop and support the HR profession, provide awareness of best practices, and improve skill-readiness in the business community.” They achieve this thanks to their members, of which some are students, and others that work in different companies. But they all are experts in this industry.

If you want to improve as an HR expert, they offer a “SHRM-CP/SCP Cert Prep Course”. As they put it, their SHRM certifications are “the only behavioral competency-based programs in the field”. The course is online, but they have a well-structured “learning experience and support”, so you can finish it without neglecting your personal life.

You will have a SHRM-certified instructor, so you don’t get discouraged and can ask any doubts. The instructor will also make sure to give you tips and examples of what the test could be like. And there’s a virtual classroom for you to connect with other students and support each other.

Become a member! There are General, Professional, Resource Provider, and Student memberships, so you can choose one according to your profile. They last one year, and you can renew your membership if you wish.

They also have a 10% discount for active military and honorably discharged veterans. Some of the benefits of being a member are discounts for their conferences, access to HR resources, free webinars, and more.

Mile High SHRM 2023 HR Conference Details

Date: February 3, 2023
Time: 7 am – 4:40 pm
Location: Hyatt Regency – Denver Tech Center at 7800 E Tufts Ave, Denver, Colorado 80237, United States

The Mile High SHRM “In-Person – 2023 HR Conference” is all about Human Resources. You’ll understand this business better and will have the opportunity to network with fellow professionals.

They have a whole agenda planned, so there will be no time to be bored. First will be the “Early Session”, which will be a one-hour conference by Jon Colby. Then, there’s going to be breakfast. And back to the conferences with a “Morning Keynote” by Lori Hanson. When it ends, there will be a 15-minute break to clear your mind before choosing which talk you’ll attend next. There will be three different options.

After that, it’ll be time for lunch, for which you’ll have 1 hour. Then, you’ll get to choose to hear one of three more different conferences. Then, it’ll be time for some relaxation; there will be a 15-minute “Break and Stretch” and a puppy corral.

After that, from 1:45 to 2:45, you’ll have three other conference options and you’ll choose which one to attend. One of those options will be the “Do you speak Globish?” conference by our very own Fluency Corp’s CEO, Micah Bellieu! The talk will be about “effective global communication perspectives empowerment for their organizations”.

That is, how to learn proper communication for all your international teamwork to be on the same page as you. Even if you’re already an English speaker, you need to learn how to speak English clearly for all your global team to understand you.

Then, there will be a “Snack Break and Prize Drawings”. And finally, the “Closing Keynote”, led by André Van Hall.

Keynote Speakers

Jon Colby graduated from the comedy program of the Second City Conservatory. That gives him the skills to give meaningful talks while making people laugh and have fun. He was also an educator for 15 years, so he also has the ability to catch people’s attention. Now, he offers keynotes, workshops, and seminars.

Through this, he looks for companies and employees to gain skills in team building, communication, leadership, and more.

For this event, his conference will be “Yes, and… Improving Communication & Leadership”. It will be an interactive keynote that aims for workers to gain important skills to improve in the business.

Lori Hanson has worked in different fields, such as sales and consultancy. She then started writing her first book and decided to quit to start her new life. According to her website, she is an “executive performance coach, keynote speaker, and award-winning author”. And she’s written five books!

Through all of that, she wants to inspire people, especially women, to create and live a life they love. She wants them to be successful in both their personal and business lives.

Her talk will be “Developing the Mindset to Lead Authentically”, where she’ll teach coaching techniques to help you be a more confident leader.

André Van Hall got his Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. For many years, he worked in different positions for very important hotels, even managing some of them. But losing his eyesight changed his career, and so he became a keynote speaker.

Since he learned a lot about change, he now describes himself as a “curiosity instigator” and encourages his public to be curious too.

His conference is “Blind Change” and in it, he’ll teach you how to deal with change; something that is scary but inevitable.


  • Micah Bellieu – Founder and CEO of TruFluency, TruFluency Kids, and Fluency Corp
  • Lora Cheadle – Former attorney and life and leadership coach
  • Candice Gottlieb-Clark – Business advisor, coach, and author
  • Genein Letford – Founder and Chief Creative Officer of CAFFE Strategies, LLC
  • Kurt MacDonald – Neuroscientist, educator, and co-founder of The Professional Communicators
  • Annie Meehan – Consultant, speaker, and author
  • Terry Rubin – Journalist and co-founder of The Professional Communicators
  • Laurie Rust – Shareholder
  • Amber Vanderburg – Keynote speaker, author, and founder of The Pathwayz Group
  • Liz Weber – Management consultant, speaker, and founder of Weber Business Services, LLC

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